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Congratulations to the 2022 AEC Leadership Team!

Congratulations to Jessica Coates, RCE, CEO, Howard County Association of REALTORS®, MD, on her appointment as the 2022 Association Executives Committee Vice Chair! View the full list of the 2022 AEC, Advisory Board and Forum Chairs and Vice Chairs.

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The REALTOR® Association Resource Exchange is seeking documents and resources related to successful DEI programs or initiatives that meet the new advocacy, consumer outreach, and unification requirements of the core standards.

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Changes to Core Standards Appeal Hearing Process

The Board of Directors approved a series of Core Standards recommendations that impact the appeal hearing process including:

  • Enforcing a firm December 31 deadline by when local and commercial associations must complete their Core Standards certification forms
  • Formalizing the process by which state associations communicate issues of a local association’s non-compliance to NAR
  • Allowing state associations to meet with and provide written documentation to the hearing panel before any appeal
  • Prohibiting Core Standards hearing panels from granting extensions to non-compliant associations.
  • Requiring a warning letter by February 1 to chief staff and officers of non-compliant associations
  • Allowing hearing panels to set a one-year probationary period on non-compliant associations and to impose sanctions with options that are less severe than charter revocation for first-time offenders.
  • An NAR-developed training programs to educate local, commercial, and state association volunteer leaders on the Core Standards.

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The Association Planning Calendar provides information on programs, initiatives, and other dates of interest to REALTOR® AEs.

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