AE Mentor Program

The AE Mentor Program allows AEs who are new to REALTOR® association management, or those who are experiencing challenges, to connect with seasoned AEs for guidance, advice, and support.

AEs are matched with mentors through the AE Mentor Database, which categorizes available mentors according to their location, demographics, and demonstrated skill set.

All local, state, regional, and MLS staff can participate in the AE Mentor Program; it is not limited to chief staff executives.


A mentee is an individual who is being mentored by a trusted and experienced advisor. A mentee depends on a mentor for advice and guidance, commits to the mentoring process, provides an open door to questions and problems, and seeks opportunities for improvement.

Mentees should: 

  • Have a clear understanding of why you want to be mentored, and what you expect from a mentor; be prepared to clearly communicate your expectations.
  • Communicate on a regular basis via phone or email.
  • Participate in open and honest discussion with a mentor.
  • Ask for and accept constructive feedback.
  • Ensure that personal experiences shared by a mentor are kept in confidence.
  • Monitor, review, critique, and discuss potential actions.
  • Take initiative and be proactive in own career development and success.

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A mentor is a trusted and experienced advisor who has a direct interest in the development of a less experienced individual.  A mentor makes a commitment to an assigned mentee to help them grow into the organization’s culture and become a productive and effective member of the organization. 

Mentors should: 

  • Identify or clarify the mentee’s goal/objective in seeking a mentor.
  • Be prepared to devote time to the mentee as necessary.
  • Establish a mutual trust and respect.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Help the mentee identify problems and guide him or her towards solutions. 
  • Help the mentee develop alternatives to address work-related problems or create learning opportunities.
  • Support the mentee when he/she reaches goals.

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