For most REALTORS®, social media has become an integral part of their marketing and communication efforts with clients, family, and friends. This new media also brings with it some concerns over privacy and security. The rules of the game keep changing. Gone are the days when 'default' options are good enough. Learn about concerns with various popular social media sites, and gain tips and suggestions to protect your privacy and identity.

Social Media Topics


NAR Library & Archives has already done the research for you. References (formerly Field Guides) offer links to articles, eBooks, websites, statistics, and more to provide a comprehensive overview of perspectives. EBSCO articles (E) are available only to NAR members and require the member's nar.realtor login.

Social Media Use for Real Estate Professionals

Elevating Your Brand with Social Media (Center for REALTOR® Development, Oct. 19, 2020)

3 Tips for Handling Social Media During Challenging Times (REALTOR® Magazine, Aug 10, 2020)

Is Now the Time to Boost Your Social Media Advertising? (REALTOR® Magazine, Apr. 28, 2020)

How to Use Hashtags: A Quick and Simple Guide for Every Network (HootSuite, Apr. 15, 2020)

Real Estate Marketing in 2020: What You Need to Know to Grow (Easy Agent Pro, Nov. 11, 2019)

How to Effectively Use Social Media for Real Estate (Sprout Social, Aug. 22, 2019)

15 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips From Top Agents (The Close, Aug. 22, 2019)

Social Media Fact Sheet (Pew Research Center, Jun. 12, 2019)

Social Media for REALTORS® Series Tips and Videos (National Association of REALTORS®)

Using Privacy & Security Settings

Read the privacy policies of Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok

How to Set Your Social Media to Control Who Sees What (Wired, May 18, 2020)

Americans and Privacy: Concerned, Confused, and Feeling Lack of Control Over Their Personal Information (Pew Research Center, Nov. 15, 2019)

Implementing Privacy on Social Media (Forbes, Oct. 1, 2019)

Protecting Your Social Media Privacy (Norton, May 3, 2019)

Social Networking Privacy: How to Be Safe, Secure, and Social (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, Mar. 25, 2019)

How to Manage Your Social Media Privacy Settings (EduBirdie)

Facebook for Real Estate Professionals

So many "getting started" guides were written so long ago that most of their info is not relevant anymore. For the basics, visit the help section of Facebook itself.

22 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget (WordStream, Feb. 25, 2020)

How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings (Consumer Reports, Jan. 31, 2020)

From Likes to Leads, How to Leverage Facebook Ads. For Lead Capture (REALTORS® Property Resource, 2020)

How to Create Real Estate Facebook Ads that Actually Generate Leads (The Close, Oct. 1, 2019)

Strengthen Your Real Estate Business with Facebook Groups (RISMedia, Jul. 18, 2019)

Beat Facebook at Its Own Algorithm Game (REALTOR® Magazine, Jul./Aug. 2019)

Make Yourself Less Trackable (Popular Mechanics, May 2019) E

The Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Real Estate Facebook Profile (Placester, Apr. 25, 2019)

5 Facebook Campaigns to Boost Your Business (RISMedia, Apr. 11, 2019)

Instagram for Real Estate Professionals

The 21 Best Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021 (Hootsuite, Nov. 12, 2020)

How to Schedule Instagram Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide (Hootsuite, Sep. 28, 2020)

Instagram Ads for Real Estate Marketers: 10 Best Practices (WordStream Blog, Jun. 12, 2020)

How to Use IGTV: The Complete Guide for Marketers (Hootsuite, Apr. 6, 2020)

How to Protect Your Privacy on Instagram (The Verge, Feb. 27, 2020)

10 Instagram Best Practices You Should be Following in 2020 (Hootsuite, Feb. 27, 2020)

Sales in Your DMs: The Power of Instagram Stories (REALTOR® Magazine, Sep. 19, 2019)

Use Instagram to Build a Community, Generate Leads (REALTOR® Magazine, Jun. 12, 2019)

How Instagram is Driving Millennials Towards Homeownership (Forbes, Apr. 9, 2019)

Pinterest for Real Estate Professionals

How to Use Pinterest to Boost Traffic and Sales for Your Business (Adobe Spark Blog, Oct. 6, 2020)

Should Your Real Estate Marketing Include Pinterest? (Ideas for Real Estate, Sep. 9, 2020)

Pinterest Marketing: 30 Pinterest Strategy Ideas (Writing from Nowhere, Aug. 2, 2020)

The Ultimate Guide to Using Pinterest for Business (GoDaddy, May 13, 2020)

Pinterest for Real Estate: How One Real Estate Agent is Killing It (Simple Pin Media, May 6, 2020)

60 Pinterest Board Ideas for Real Estate (IDX Central, Oct. 16, 2019)

How to Dominate Pinterest and Generate Real Estate Leads (Easy Agent Pro, Jun. 11, 2019)

Snapchat for Real Estate Professionals

Snapchat for Business: The Ultimate Marketing Guide (HootSuite, Mar. 11, 2020)

Snapchat in Real Estate (Missouri REALTORS®, Jan. 31, 2020)

Using Snapchat in Your Real Estate Business (RISMedia, Feb. 25, 2019)

Snapchat—Learning the Basics (Snapchat)

TikTok for Real Estate Professionals

How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy (HootSuite, Nov. 9, 2020)

4 Business Reasons for Joining TikTok (REALTOR® Magazine, Sep./Oct. 2020)

TikTok for Real Estate Agents: Land Leads Through the Newest Social Media Platform (Keller Williams, Jul. 23, 2020)

TikTok for Business (TikTok, 2020)

Twitter for Real Estate Professionals

7 Must Do Twitter Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Professionals (Real Treands, Jun. 22, 2020)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Twitter to Generate Real Estate Leads (Follow Up Boss, Jul. 24, 2018)

How to Overcome Your Twitter Aversion (REALTOR® Magazine, Apr. 2018)

eBooks & Other Resources


The following eBooks and digital audiobooks are available to NAR members:

30 Days to Social Media Success (eBook)

42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business (Kindle,eBook)

42 Rules for 24-Hour Success on LinkedIn (Kindle,eBook)

Auditing Social Media: A Governance and Risk Guide (eBook)

Build Your Brand with Pinterest (eBook)

Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform (Kindle, eBook)

Complete Idiot's Guide to Facebook® (eBook)

Facebook Ads for Beginners (Kindle, eBook)

Facebook Marketing for Dummies (eBook)

I'm on Facebook—Now What??? (eBook)

I'm on LinkedIn—Now What??? (eBook)

Instagram for Beginners (Kindle, Audiobook, eBook)

Instagram For Business For Dummies (Kindle, eBook)

LinkedIn for Dummies® (Kindle, eBook)

Manager's Guide to Social Media (eBook)

Maximize Your Social (Kindle, eBook)

Social Media Marketing (Kindle, eBook)

Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Guide (eBook)

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Profile in Social Media Networking Sites—And Much More—101 World Class Expert Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice on Social Media (eBook)

The Truth About Facebook—How to Use Facebook for Marketing and Advertising, and Much More—The Facts You Should Know (eBook)

Twitter for Dummies (Kindle, eBook)

Master Facebook (Kindle, eBook)

Pinterest Marketing for Dummies (Kindle, eBook)

The Twitter Book (Kindle, Audiobook, eBook)

Twitter for Dummies (Kindle, Audiobook, eBook)

Twitter: Free Social Networking for Business (Audiobook, eBook)

Twitter Marketing Tips (Audiobook, eBook)

Twitter Means Business (Kindle, eBook)

Twitter Top Success and Best Practices: Twitter Experts Share The World's Greatest Tips (Audiobook, eBook)

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising (Kindle, eBook)

Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business (Kindle, eBook)

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