NAR Group and Team Directory

Need to talk with someone at NAR? Our staff can be reached through the group and team phone numbers below. 

Group, Team, or Specialty Phone
Association Leadership Development 312-329-8304
Board Policy & Programs 312-329-8399
Business Development, Marketing,
& Strategic Investments     
Commercial & Global Services 312-329-5970
Communications 202-383-7515
Community & Political Affairs 202-383-7560
Conventions & Meetings 312-329-8880
Dues Billing 800-874-6500
Government Affairs 202-383-1205
Human Resources 312-329-8231
Information Technology 312-329-8416
Legal Affairs 312-329-8271
NRDS 800-868-3225
Research 202-383-1060

Individual staff member contact information is available through Information Services at 800-874-6500 or by email at


CRT Labs

Tracking emerging technologies, educating members, advocating for the proper use of technology, and innovating to fill technological gaps.