Executive Outreach Program

Strengthening the relationship between NAR and local and state associations and MLSs through direct points of contact and partnerships.

Reaching Out to You

The Executive Outreach Program, designed to strengthen relationships between NAR and local and state associations and MLSs, and to ensure a greater understanding of and support for key issues facing the REALTOR® family, is here for you.

NAR senior management VP teams have been formed to serve as direct points of contact and sources of information for the staff and volunteer leadership of the local, state, and MLS entities within each of the 13 NAR regions. 

In coordination with the NAR Regional Vice Presidents, NAR senior management will regularly connect with these stakeholders in each region. 

Leaders in the regions can call on their NAR VP team to ask a question or express a concern, share input and thoughts on key issues, and request a face-to-face or web-based meeting. NAR past presidents, with their association leadership experience and industry knowledge, are a wealth of information and are also available through this Outreach Program to meet with associations and MLS.

Contact Your NAR VP Team

Have a question? Need clarification on a key issue? Your region's team of NAR staff representatives can be your first point of contact at NAR to get you the answers you need. And if your assigned NAR staff reps don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll put you in touch with the right source.

Would you like someone from NAR to attend one of your membership or staff meetings, live or via the web? Representatives from the NAR staff team and the NAR past presidents are ready and waiting to hear from you. Just ask.

Request an Outreach Visit

The Executive Outreach Program is just one way NAR aims to foster partnerships and improve communications, throughout the REALTOR® organization to strengthen our communities and power our economy.

Further Questions

If you have further questions about the program or its administration, contact EOP@realtors.org