Shared services programs can help REALTOR® associations expand services and streamline management through strategic partnerships. Sharing services with other local associations can help all involved meet the Core Standards.

Mergers and Shared Services

Shared services is not about mergers – it’s about collaborations, partnerships, and other mutually beneficial relationships among REALTOR® associations that enhance the level of service to all members and increase the association’s efficiency and productivity.

See NAR's Merger Procedure for Local Associations

Sample Shared Services and Cooperative Agreements

These sample agreements were created by REALTOR® associations and are being shared with each of their permissions. Please note that the samples are provided only for information purposes and should be not be used as a substitute for the advisement of local legal counsel. An association should consult its local legal counsel to ensure that its agreement is tailored to the association’s specific needs and interests.


State associations may want to host a workshop for staff and volunteer leaders to begin the conversation about sharing services among local associations. A workshop is an opportunity to introduce concepts and possibilities; to introduce the assessment tools; and to plant the seeds for future partnerships and alliances. Workshop materials include a PowerPoint presentation with facilitator notes and a Participant Workbook with exercises. For questions, or to obtain workshop materials, contact NAR staff, Andrew Scoulas, ALD.