With implementation of the Core Standards, some local associations that are considering a merger may choose a “chapter” structure to preserve their identity. NAR does not charter chapters, nor is there any defined chapter structure within the REALTOR® organization. However, through the years some associations have surrendered their charter to merge into another association, with the resulting association creating a community-based chapter that allows the former association to retain a local presence and a measure of local identity. An association can also establish chapters without being in a merger. The resulting structure typically offers greater efficiencies and economies of scale.

What is a chapter?

A chapter is a subunit of an existing, chartered local association of REALTORS®, with that association of REALTORS® being the only chartered (or recognized) entity. A chapter may be an affiliated organization with its own governance and purpose, but whose interests are aligned to some degree with NAR's objectives.  A chapter may also be a subunit of a state association, but the geographic area formerly held by that chapter would be unassigned. 

How are the privileges and responsibilities of a chapter determined?

The structure, as well as the privileges and responsibilities (if any) of a chapter are determined locally (presumably as part of the merger discussions/negotiations). They should be spelled out with specificity in the "parent" association's bylaws or other governing documents. Use of the term REALTOR® in a chapter's name must be in connection with the parent organization (e.g. the XYZ Chapter of the ABC Association of REALTORS®).