The annual Core Standards cycle is January 1 to December 31. Local Associations are required to submit their Core Standards information annually by no later than December 31, unless their state association requires them to submit their compliance information prior to December 31. State Associations are required to review all local associations’ certification forms annually and identify those local associations that are compliant with the Core Standards by no later than January 30.

Local, state, and territorial associations of REALTORS®, as a condition of membership in the National Association of REALTORS®, must meet NAR’s Organizational Alignment Core Standards, a set of requirements that fall into six categories:Core Standards Six-Requirements Pie Chart

  1. Code of Ethics 
  2. Advocacy
  3. Consumer Outreach      
  4. Unification Efforts and Support of the REALTOR® Organization 
  5. Technology
  6. Financial Solvency

REALTOR® associations must certify compliance with the standards each subsequent year or be subject to revocation of their charter.

Compliance Cycles are annual, running January 1 to December 31 every year. The purpose of the standards: to raise the bar for REALTOR® associations and ensure high-quality service for REALTORS®.

Enforcement of the Organizational Alignment Core Standards will be the joint responsibility of the local associations, state and territorial associations, and National Association.

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Core Standards Professional Development Opportunities

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Social Distancing Orders & In-Person Interaction for Core Standards

Access a compilation of Vote-Act-Invest and Consumer Outreach programs and activities implemented by local and state associations in a social distancing environment.

In light of the social distancing and stay at home orders, travel restrictions imposed by the current pandemic, and out of an abundance of caution for members and association staff, the NAR Leadership Team approved a recommendation submitted by the Association Executives Committee and the AEC Core Standards Work Group to suspend portions of the Core Standards that require in-person interaction for the current cycle ending December 31, 2020. While there were requests to waive all of the requirements to satisfy the Core Standards, the committee’s recommendation to waive Section 2, Standard E, and all of Section 3 (below) was a more targeted way to ease burdens for local associations while still ensuring delivery of high quality member services.

Section 2, Standard E

Core Standard: Every association must support the REALTOR® Party’s “Vote-Act-Invest” goals, and must annually conduct at least two initiatives or activities furthering or supporting each of those three goals respectively.

Section 3, All

Every association will demonstrate engagement in at least four meaningful consumer engagement activities annually, including at least two activities demonstrating how the association is the “Voice for Real Estate” in its market, and at least two activities demonstrating the association’s involvement and/or investment in the community.

The Core Standards Work Group also recommended that resources be provided and promoted to local associations that remain focused on the REALTOR® Party’s “Vote-Act-Invest” goals and Consumer Outreach to emphasize the importance of these association functions.

Access a compilation of Vote-Act-Invest and Consumer Outreach programs and activities implemented by local and state associations in a social distancing environment.