The REALTOR® Association Models Planning Tool is your guide to association self-evaluation and strategic planning.

Where will your association be in five years? What are your goals? How will you achieve them? These are tough questions that many association executives rarely have time to focus on. While the passage of the Organizational Alignment Core Standards commits associations to raising the bar for member services and the organization, the daily routine of attracting members, managing volunteers, and balancing the books often takes precedence over the big picture.

Let the REALTOR® Association Models Planning Tool simplify the process. Questions regarding the planning tool can be directed to Andrew Scoulas.

Get Started

Resources from the tool will help you and your leadership understand the self-evaluation process.

By completing the questionnaire, you'll automatically generate a customized elected leadership focus that outlines the role of your association's elected leadership with specific functions and responsibilities. Also, based on your responses, the tool generates a unique sample AE job description.

This online assessment is a tool that will help provide guidance in the delivery of products, services, programs, and value to the association. This assessment is only one tool that should be used to examine expectations and responsibilities for the association and its volunteers and key staff leader.