Redesigning Association Websites

Quick Takeaways

  • Modern website design can increase member engagement
  • Optimize the member experience
  • Create effective calls to action

Source: Attract and Engage Members with a Modern Website Design (Your Membership, Apr. 3, 2020)

Find out the Core Standards technology requirements in the compliance guide and Core Standards FAQs.

Discover the top association websites for 2020 and get ideas for your website design.

Make your association website inclusive. Provide photos of diverse members to expand your welcome to all potential members. Modern website design in important for attracting readers. The mobile user experience is important and your members should be able to access your website on the fly. Also, your website should be ADA compliant.

Web redesign can be complex, so have a plan. Focus on what is mort important to your members and what problems they want to have solved. Expand your mobile experience and speed up loading time to satisfy impatient members.

Learn how to write great content for your Association website. Match your content to provide to real-life questions to your website. Readers have a short attention span, so deliver relevant information in short chunks.

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