Resources for New AEs

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Welcome new REALTOR® Association Executives!

Regardless of how long you’ve been on the job—whether it’s been five days or five months—you’ve probably realized by now that your career in REALTOR® association management is full of special rewards and challenges. The scope of your job is broad and your responsibilities can seem to be never-ending. Sometimes just knowing where to start is the hard part, but be assured, help is here.

New AEs are invited once a year to the Chicago NAR headquarters to participate in a day and a half orientation introducing NAR programs, resources, and staff essential to their new role. For questions about NAR's New AE Orientation, please contact Amanda Brewer.

Below you will find a checklist of job functions and responsibilities that can guide you through your first weeks and months on the job. You’ll also find invaluable advice from your peers, which supports the commonly held belief among AEs that you can learn more from your AE peers than from any textbook or class. There’s also a multitude of information on policies and procedures, references, and resources that will help you today as you’re learning the ropes and that will serve as a valuable reference for many years to come.


Useful Resources

President / Chief Staff Executive Checklist

To get the volunteer/staff year off to a good start, both team partners (the president and the chief staff executive/AE) need to define who will do what during the term. One way to enhance this dialogue between the president and AE is to discuss issues common to both. A job functions summary or task list can help you do this.

Job Function Checklists for New AEs

These checklists include general job functions and guidelines for new association AEs and MLS AEs, listed in chronological order.

Principles of Association Volunteer and Staff Leadership

The principles serve as a model for volunteer and staff leaders at all levels of the association to strive toward and consider adopting as a guiding philosophy.

Organization Assessment Checklist

This resource is designed to help your association chart its strengths and conduct an assessment of all REALTOR® association management functions to ensure that its processes and procedures are in order.

Get Involved in Committees

Learn how to serve on committees related to association issues or committees on member issues.

NAR Acronyms

A handy list of common acronyms and definitions Association Executives may encounter at NAR.

Advice From Your Peers

Get practical advice from seasoned AEs on financial matters, handling change, relationships, communications, and travel.

REALTOR® Association Resource Exchange (RARE) Database

The REALTOR® Association Resource Exchange (RARE) Database is a hub for staff at local and state REALTOR® Associations to share information and resources relating directly to their work as REALTOR® association staff.

NAR Core Standards 2022 Graphic

Core Standards Handout

This handout provides an overview of the Core Standards and the administrative procedures.

NAR Emails & Newsletters

This comprehensive list of NAR's major newsletters features descriptions of each newsletter, links and directions for subscribing, and a schedule indicating when each newsletter is sent.

Get to Know the NAR Staff

View the NAR Staff Directory for AEs.

Additional Resources

Association Executives

NAR's Association Leadership Development supports REALTOR® associations through programming, events, and training.

Association Planning Calendar

The Association Planning Calendar provides information on programs, initiatives, and other dates of interest to REALTOR® AEs.

AE Institute

Thank you for attending the 2024 Joint AE Institute! Save the date for AEI 2025: March 18-21, 2025 in Denver, CO!