Organization Assessment Checklist

Welcome to the Organization Assessment Checklist. This resource is designed to help your association chart its strengths and conduct an assessment of all REALTOR® association management functions to ensure that its processes and procedures are in order.

This comprehensive tool aims to cover all areas of REALTOR® association management, even those functions your association does not currently engage in. So as you go through this checklist, don’t worry if your association isn’t doing everything on the list. Let this tool guide future decisions and help you recognize what you’re doing right, and what you want to do more of.

Use this checklist as a platform from which to embark on new opportunities for your association and your members. It can be a great exercise for identifying future goals and initiatives. Share your assessment with companies you’re pursuing for contract work. Chief staff executives can use the assessment to help prepare a retirement exit strategy to ensure a smooth transition between chief staff. It can also prove valuable for crisis management. Regardless of whether your association is in the eye of the storm (literally or figuratively), retrieving a copy of your association’s operational practices is invaluable on just about every level.

This tool empowers your association to reach its peak and to continue to deliver the quality service members have come to expect from the REALTOR® family.

Just as no two associations are exactly the same, no two state’s laws are exactly the same. Before embarking on any association policy changes (whether they are financial, administrative, legal, etc.), consult your state laws and your association attorney to ensure that your association processes and procedures are in compliance with your state.

About the Checklist

This checklist was brought to you by the Association Executives Committee Structural Audit Work Group, whose goal was to ensure that all associations have access to a structural audit process, regardless of membership size and financial resources. Special thanks to Jim Peters, Strategist, who shared his structural audit checklist with the work group and allowed his checklist to be the springboard for the work group’s output.

The checklist comprises: