How to Create Your Own Safety Program

REALTORS® face job-related risks every day—working alone, meeting with strangers in unfamiliar places and sharing personal information. Having your own Safety Program can help mitigate risks and ensure that every member comes home safely every night.

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Safety Program Roadmap

For associations that are interested in creating their own Safety Program—NAR recommends starting with the Safety Program Roadmap.

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Association Safety Programs
Find examples of state and local REALTOR® Association Safety Programs.
REALTOR® Safety Pledge

To inspire REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations to keep safety top of mind and implemented into daily business protocols, NAR encourages making a pledge to REALTOR® Safety.

REALTOR® Safety Reimbursement Grant

Provides funding assistance to state and local REALTOR® Associations to help implement a Safety Program or specific feature for their members, and to encourage ongoing awareness of REALTOR® Safety.

Examples of how to use the grant money include:

  • Hiring a professional speaker to present to members;
  • Creating a safety manual or marketing materials;
  • Creating a safety webinar for members.

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Do You Currently Have a Safety Program in Place?

Turn to NAR’s REALTOR® Safety Program for hundreds of resources, tools, and tips to continue adding content to your Safety Program.

Educational Resources

Make safety a top priority for members and a prominent part of your onboarding process, ongoing training, regular meetings and communications.

Safety Course

Offer your members NAR’s Putting REALTOR® Safety First: Safety Strategies for the Modern REALTOR® course, which is designed to instill safety awareness and habits as second nature.

REALTOR® associations, proprietary schools, and real estate franchises that have a license with the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC) may, and are encouraged to, offer this course.

For REALTOR® Associations that do not have a license with REBAC, the $1,000 single-course license agreement fee is waived.

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Safety Webinars & Videos

Encourage your members to register for NAR’s free REALTOR® Safety Webinars, held annually in September, and share the Safety Videos by providing the links in emails, newsletters, or on your social media pages.

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Safety Presentations

Presentations and materials include everything you need to educate members about the three keys to staying safe on the job: knowing how to react appropriately to a dangerous situation, being aware of your surroundings, and empowering yourself with careful precautions.

Presentation times depend on audience size and interaction. NAR offers materials for sessions that could last from 30 minutes to three hours.

Download our comprehensive REALTOR® Safety training presentations, including guidelines for the presenter.

Access presentation resources

Prepare the Presentation:

Once you've decided which time frame you'll use for presentations, take these steps to get ready:

  1. Go to the presentation page to find all the materials you need for a comprehensive REALTOR® Safety training course.
  2. Select the training schedule that works best for your association or office, and adjust it to the amount of time you have allotted for the presentation.
  3. Choose the format for your training. You can incorporate the video with or without interactive quizzes, and/or the PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Use the REALTOR® Safety Presentation Guidelines to prepare for each presentation.
  5. Consider getting copies of the REALTOR® Safety Tips Card, or safety-specific publications from NAR. Visit the REALTOR® Store to purchase.

Monthly Discussion Topics

Include safety in your monthly meetings with members and keep safety top-of-mind year-round. Download this booklet to discover monthly safety tips, additional resources, and tools.


Homeowner Safety & Security Toolkit

Use this toolkit to learn more about best practices on homeowner safety and security


Marketing Resources

NAR provides materials for associations to promote REALTOR® Safety year-round. Resources include flyers, posters, web banners, and social media graphics.

Marketing Materials

Communicate the importance of REALTOR® Safety to your members with ready-to-use resources such as flyers, posters, banner ads and social media graphics.

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Ready-to-Use Safety Messages

Take advantage of NAR resources to build upon your current Safety Program. Follow tips and best practices, read helpful articles and include them in your newsletters throughout the year.

Association & Office Resources

Download ready-to-use safety forms and checklists for your office and check out a list of personal protection resources members can add to their day-to-day safety protocols.

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REALTOR® Safety Network

Notify NAR of any critical REALTOR® Safety-related issue involving your association or a member. A response team will evaluate the submission to confirm it meets the criteria for a nation-wide REALTOR® Safety Alert.

Is your data safe?
Crisis Communication Checklist

A crisis at your Association can take several forms, such as a data breach or a situation involving a member, to name a few. As a first step in creating a crisis communication plan, download the Crisis Communication Checklist for Associations.

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Personal Safety Products
There are a variety of tools REALTORS® can add to their personal safety plans, such as smartphone apps and safety products. For informational purposes, NAR provides resources for members to explore and research on their own to determine what works best for them personally.

Tools You Can Use Today

A variety of pre-designed safety forms that you can customize and use in your office.