Who May Offer the Putting REALTOR® Safety First Course?

  • REALTOR® associations, proprietary schools, and real estate franchises that have a license with the Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD) may offer this course or presentation.
  • REALTOR® associations that do not have a license with CRD may complete a single-course license agreement with CRD. The $1,000 single-course license agreement fee is waived for the Putting REALTOR® Safety First Course.

Costs to Offer the Course

REALTOR® associations are responsible for paying for the following:

  • All costs associated with submitting the 3-hour course materials for CE approval
  • All costs associated with offering the course or presentation (e.g., instructor fee, printing of course materials, room charge, marketing costs, etc.)
  • All costs associated with submitting the student roster and course-instructor evaluations to CRD and submitting CE records to the state licensing authority for processing after the 3-hour course is offered

REALTOR® associations and/or their instructors are responsible for paying all costs associated with getting the instructor approved to teach CE/teach the 3-hour course.

Steps to Offer the Safety Matters Course

1. Complete a CRD safety course license agreement and email it to safetycourse@nar.realtor.

2. Access and download all of the safety course and presentation materials.

The materials only may be accessed by a REALTOR® association staff person with a National REALTOR® Database System Member ID. The staff person's M1 profile must indicate that his or her type of membership is Staff. If you don't know your Member ID, please visit this page.

3. Ask the instructor you would like to hire to do the following:

a. Read and agree to the CRD Instructor Eligibility and Approval Guidelines.
b. Sign and date the CRD Instructor Eligibility Acknowledgment form.
c. Complete the CRD Safety Instructor Application
d. Email the following to safetycourse@nar.realtor:

— Completed CRD Safety Instructor Application
— Signed CRD Instructor Eligibility Acknowledgment form
— Letter of “intent to hire” from an association

CRD will notify the instructor and association whether or not the instructor is approved within 2 business days of receiving all required safety forms

4. When your instructor is approved by CRD, send the course and/or presentation materials to your instructor

5. Submit the necessary documentation to your state licensing authority for the 3-hour course and your instructor to be CE approved.

6. When the 3-hour course and instructor are approved for CE by your state licensing authority, schedule the course and determine all logistics (e.g., when and where it will be held, if a fee will be charged to students who attend the course). CRD encourages associations to offer the course for free tuition or at cost so that the greatest number of students may register for it.

7. Market the 3-hour course or 1-hour presentation to your members.

8. Capture the following information for every student who attends the 3-hour course or 1-hour presentation:

a. 3-hour course or 1-hour presentation (please specify which)
b. Member ID number
c. First name
d. Last name
e. Email address

9. On the day of the course or presentation, instruct students to complete the course-instructor evaluation form following the conclusion of the course or presentation. Administer the final exam if your state requires an exam for CE approval of the 3-hour course.

10. Submit all necessary CE paperwork to the state licensing authority if the 3-hour course is approved for CE.

11. Within 10 days following the course or presentation, submit a completed student roster and course-instructor evaluation forms to safetycourse@nar.realtor.


Contact Andrew Hall at 312-329-8872 or safetycourse@nar.realtor for more information.