The following REALTOR® Associations have either produced extensive safety programs, or offer safety tools for their members.

Arizona Association of REALTORS®

Arizona REALTORS® uses its Agent Safety Alert Program (ASAP) to alert REALTORS® of critical safety issues. Members can submit reports of incidents they see or know. A response team evaluates the report and may take action, up to and including issuing a text alert to all members.

They also share safety videos, articles, and webinars.

Georgia Association of REALTORS®

Investigate this Association’s REALTOR® Safety Manual, get agent ID, itinerary forms, and prospect forms, and read some true stories of safety threats faced by fellow REALTORS®.

Long Island Board of REALTORS®

Below are resources from the Long Island Board of REALTORS®, including their REALTOR® Safety Guide and Safety Alert System script. The guide includes a list of people they may need to notify, based on the alert; a list of communication channels they use to issue information; and the process and script for handling incoming alerts, either from another organization or from a member.

Louisiana REALTORS® Association

Developed by the Louisiana REALTORS®, get access to a compilation of information designed to assist members in safeguarding their data and protect their clients sensitive information as well. These cyber security resources are compiled from various resources and allow members to integrate them in ways that make sense for their business.



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