The following REALTOR® Associations have either produced extensive safety programs, or offer safety tools for their members.

Arizona Association of REALTORS®

Arizona REALTORS® uses its Agent Safety Alert Program (ASAP) to alert REALTORS® of critical safety issues. Members can submit reports of incidents they see or know. A response team evaluates the report and may take action, up to and including issuing a text alert to all members.

They also share safety videos, articles, and webinars.

Arkansas REALTORS® Association

The Association has a very in-depth safety program offering a variety of resources including the Beverly Carter Certified Safety Office Program, which encourages offices to put safety first.

Georgia Association of REALTORS®

Investigate this Association’s REALTOR® Safety Manual, get agent ID, itinerary forms, and prospect forms, and read some true stories of safety threats faced by fellow REALTORS®.

Greater Boston Association of REALTORS®

Safe Homes Coalition: Safeguarding Prescriptions Before Opening Your Home to Others

As part of its Keep Kids Safe Program, GBAR partnered with the Safe Homes Coalition to help raise awareness about the proper use, storage and disposal of prescription medication during open houses and property showings. Prescription drug abuse is a critical and complex public health issue that impacts more than 6 million Americans. By using a Safe Home Coalition re-sealable plastic bag, medications can easily and securely be stored and removed. The program also provides drop-box locations to take those medications to once they are no longer needed.

This program can be customized for local communities and Associations. Below are examples of marketing materials the GBAR created for a customized program in the Greater Boston area.

Visit the Safe Homes Coalition Website

Recommended by: John Dulczewski, Executive Director, Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® (

Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® (KCRAR)

KCRAR offers its members a two-year subscription to the safety app, LifeLine Response Enterprise, as a no-cost member benefit. LifeLine Response Enterprise turns smartphones into a virtual panic button. They have trained representatives who will dispatch police to a member’s location using GPS and other identifying details if the member is in danger.

Long Island Board of REALTORS®

Below are resources from the Long Island Board of REALTORS®, including their REALTOR® Safety Guide and Safety Alert System script. The guide includes a list of people they may need to notify, based on the alert; a list of communication channels they use to issue information; and the process and script for handling incoming alerts, either from another organization or from a member.

Louisiana REALTORS® Association

Get many helpful tips for staying safe on the job in the Louisiana REALTORS® Safety Brochure, including protecting yourself from criminals, ensuring open house safety, ATM safety, safety on the road, and recommended office procedures.

Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

Browse REALTOR® Safety Guidelines, including tips on safely showing commercial properties, protecting yourself and your clients, and protecting yourself online. You can also watch a video about safety strategies for REALTORS® and clients.



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