Welcome to the Strategic Planning Resources Toolkit.

This toolkit will:

  • familiarize you with the strategic planning process
  • provide resources for you to pursue strategic planning at your association
  • help you decide whether you'd like to complete the process on your own, or with the guidance of a facilitator
    • With the passage of the Core Standards and the requirement that all associations develop a strategic plan, this resource will be of great value to many.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

The results of strategic planning will be invaluable:

  • Your association will work to develop a clear vision for its future, as well as a clear path for its immediate needs.
  • You’ll learn where to allocate staff and financial resources.
  • You’ll have a tangible road map to guide you as you make association management decisions on behalf of your members.
  • You'll be able to create a value proposition statement for your association.

Explore the Toolkit

The toolkit contains three sections:

  1. Strategies and Methodologies
  2. Implementation
  3. Facilitators

The glossary defines key performance indicators (KPIs), needs assessment, and other common terms used in strategic planning.

Example Strategic Plans

Throughout this toolkit, you'll find example strategic planning documents submitted by REALTOR® associations. Feel free to use these models as a starting point in creating your own documents.

Samples of finished strategic plans:

We invite you to submit your own strategic plans and related documents (SWOT analysis, tracking tools, etc.) to be included in this toolkit and shared with your peers. Attach your document(s) in an e-mail to Cynthia Bair.

Your Unique Approach

While REALTOR® associations share many common qualities, ultimately, each is unique. Therefore, there isn’t one way to approach the strategic planning process that will work for each and every association.

At its heart, your association strategic plan should lead you to what’s best for your members. It’s important that key players approach this process and carry out the plan with that in mind to keep the association on a path to success.