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Association Executives Committee (AEC)

Learn what the Association Executives Committee and its work groups are doing to help you and your members.

Statement of Purpose

The AEC serves as a resource for REALTOR® associations by:

  1. Ensuring that there is knowledge and understanding of issues and concerns between the REALTOR® association community and NAR committees and leadership;
  2. Providing a framework that ensures staff and volunteer leaders have the professional development and management resources they need to provide optimal services to their members.

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Goals for 2016

The AEC's areas of focus for 2016 include:

  1. Facilitate open communication between the AEC and other NAR committees whose goals and activities may impact REALTOR® association policies, procedures, and management operations.
  2. Review the Organizational Alignment Core Standards policy and determine whether enhancements to the policy or to the compliance certification process should be recommended to the Board of Directors beginning with the third Core Standards cycle. 
  3. Review NAR’s online HR Toolkit and make recommendations for new and updated content.
  4. Identify standards of excellence best practices that REALTOR® associations may aspire to as they strive to reach beyond the Core Standards.
  5. To review the latest REALTOR® association industry issues and trends reports and create a dialogue on how associations can consider these issues in their planning so they can proactively address some of the challenges facing associations.

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