State Leadership Idea Exchange Council: Conference & Expo 2013

The State Leadership Idea Exchange Council facilitates the exchange of ideas among state association leadership. View the 2013 Idea Exchange Council Leadership and the State Association Ranking Sheet (PDF: 34 KB) of small, medium, and large associations.

On this page, view hot topic ideas submitted in advance of the 2013 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Francisco. The deadline to submit ideas was Oct. 25.

The Idea Exchange Council will meet on Thursday, Nov. 7, from 1 p.m. to 3.45 p.m. during the Conference. View the agenda (PDF: 20 KB). Each state association will participate in a Small, Medium, or Large breakout session.

Missed the submission deadline for the 2013 Conference & Expo? You can still bring up your idea during the Council's Breakout Sessions on Nov. 7, or save your idea until the Midyear Legislative Meetings and Expo in May 2014.

Ideas by State/Territory

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Alaska (small association)

The Alaska Association of REALTORS® is focusing on:

  • RPAC participation

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Arizona (large association)

Ideas from the Arizona Association of REALTORS® include:

  • Partnering with local associations to address member needs
  • Workshop for local Association Executives and monthly newsletter
  • Leveraging influential relationships with other industry groups

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California (large association)

Some of the California Association's initiatives:

  • Statewide ethics publication and enforcement enhancements
  • Local home ownership fairs
  • Financial helpline workshops
  • Small claims court kit
  • Thought leadership

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Colorado (large association)

CAR initiatives include:

  • Colorado flood disaster relief program
  • Enhancing professional development via live webcasts

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Connecticut (medium association)

The Connecticut Association is spreading the word about value of carbon monoxide detectors.

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Delaware (small association)

The Delaware Association has updated its Public Policy manual to include interaction with consumers as well as members. It has also developed a legislative issues work sheet.

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Florida (large association)

Florida REALTORS® introduced a digital "Talking Contract" that's available on the association's member website. They also performed a comprehensive member assessment study.

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Georgia (large association)

Georgia REALTORS® unveiled a newer, more modern logo and shortened its name.

Read more/view logo (DOC: 1.30 MB)

Idaho (small association)

Leadership have taken a "back to basics" approach to heal the Association through effective communication and trust-building. 

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Illinois (large association)

IAR's initiatives include:

  • Creation of a 501(C) (4) Corporation
  • Bolstering the RPAC program
  • Sponsoring three Habitat for Humanity builds in Illinois

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Iowa (small association)

The Iowa Association's initiatives include: 

  • Social grass roots movement
  • Summer contest using social media
  • ISAE symposium
  • 2013 IAR Leadership Academy

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Kansas (medium association)

The Kansas Association developed an online CE and GRI real estate education series.

Read more (PDF: 328 KB)

Louisiana (medium association)

The Louisiana Association's initiatives include:

  • Online GRI platform 
  • NFIP toolkit for REALTORS®

Read more about GRI (DOC: 14 KB)
Read more about NFIP (DOC: 1.17 MB)

Massachusetts (large association)

MAR introduced the My REALTOR® mentor outreach program and a better toolkit for new members.

Read more (DOC: 74 KB)
Tech helpline postcard (PDF: 711 KB)
Monthly topics for new members (PDF: 93 KB)

Michigan (large association)

The Michigan Association is:

  • Rethinking the established local business model and embracing a new, international real estate market
  • Bolstering efforts to restore Detroit as a great American city
  • Continuing to raise funds for RPAC

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Minnesota (medium association)

The Minnesota Association of REALTORS® initiatives include:

  • Statewide strategic planning
  • Establishing a 501c4 homeowner's alliance 

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Mississippi (small association)

The Mississippi Association recruited around 100 major investors to RPAC, as well as challenging each local board to work toward 51% "fair share" among their membership. 

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Missouri (medium association)

The Missouri Association unveiled a new logo, tag line, and brand promise.

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Montana (small association)

The Montana association created a robust website, better membership database, and created a new communications center and new conferencing software.

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Nebraska (small association)

The Nebraska Association implemented a new fundraiser for RPAC entitled "REALTORS® Got Travel" which saw a membership participation rate of 42%.  

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New Hampshire (small association)

NHAR overturned an MLS policy change and made a proposal to sell its building and lease a more suitable property.

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New Jersey (large association)

NJAR continues to focus on Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts.

Information session flyer (PDF: 677 KB)
Video: Seaside open for business (MP4: 8.48 MB)
Video: Ocean City open for business (MP4: 8.59 MB)
Video: Hoboken open for business (WMV: 5.75 MB)

New Mexico (small association)

The New Mexico association did a team-building bike assembly exercise to emphasize the need for communication.

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North Carolina (large association)

NCAR is bringing back its hard copy newsletter, Leadership Academy, and shared GAD program.

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North Dakota (small association)

NDAR redesigned its website and hopes to unveil a new logo soon. The Association continues to oppose increases in real estate transfer taxes.

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Ohio (large association)

The Ohio Association's leadership team conducted a massive outreach to its membership:

  • Engaged members regarding the Governor's plan to impose sales tax on real estate services
  • Received suggestions to improve Ohio's Annual Convention & Expo and increase participation
  • Urged to explore creating a model leadership academy

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Oklahoma (medium association)

OAR is creating a coherent education structure which introduces new technology and opportunities to become a more skilled and professional REALTOR®.

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PowerPoint (PPT: 3.32 MB) 

Pennsylvania (large association)

The Pennsylvania Association has taken a leadership role in getting property tax reform in the Commonwealth, and has been working on a coordinated all-electronic effort to improve communications.

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RealReform76 Handout (PDF: 2.16 MB)

Puerto Rico (small association)

The Association aims to enhance membership pride and the motivation of REALTORS®, create better relations with legislators and government, and promote continued alliances with other associations.

Read more (PPS: 7.01 MB)

South Carolina (medium association)

SCR are engaging in two extensive outreach campaigns funded through a partnership of the SCR and NAR Issue Mobilization Funds, both of which commenced this fall. 

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Tennessee (large association)

Tennessee made its InFORM tool work on mobile devices and smartphones.

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Texas (large association)

The Texas Association's initiatives include:

  • Broker Operations Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Expansion of TREPAC

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TREPAC PowerPoint (PPT: 1.08 MB)

Utah (medium association)

The Utah Association of REALTORS® implemented a new program to improve communication with state legislators.

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Virginia (large association)

The Virginia Association would like to incorporate Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) into initial licensure testing.

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Washington (medium association)

The Washington Association introduced, a stock photography website for real estate professionals designed by two Washington REALTORS®.

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Wisconsin (medium association)

Initiatives from the Wisconsin Association include:

  • Taking a leadership role in making the state's economy prosper 
  • Preserving and protecting the real estate marketplace
  • Being a strong advocate for home and property owners
  • Being the standard of excellence for the profession and its members

Strategic plan (PDF: 4.47 MB)
Legislative report (PDF: 2.20 MB)