All member associations of the National Association of REALTORS® offer mediation as a service to their REALTOR® members.

The National Association has developed the following training materials to assist boards in meeting this requirement.

These materials are taken from the “Mediator/Mediation Training” seminars conducted by the National Association. The National Association acknowledges the efforts of Lynn P. Cohn, Senior Lecturer, Northwestern University Law School; Rene Stemple Ellis, Executive Director of the Private Adjudication Center at Duke University School of Law; and REALTOR® Bruce Aydt, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Prudential Alliance, REALTORS®, St. Louis, MO, for their contributions to the materials and simulations used in this training.

We suggest that you review the information on the National Association’s Mediation Initiative (#2 below) before using the rest of the material. This document provides a concise history of the requirement that member boards offer this valuable service to their members.

Questions concerning these materials, or on NAR’s mediation policies, may be addressed to the Member Experience team at 312-329-8399 or by email to

PSTM Resource Database: Look in this database to find mediation instructors to teach a class locally, or a mediation officer to help settle a dispute.

Download all materials (ZIP file, 363 KB; contains 33 files)

  1. Introductory Information
  2. NAR Mediation Initiative
  3. Agendas:
    — Agenda for four-hour program 
    — Agenda for seven-hour program
    — Agenda for two-day program
  4. Mediation Training Tips/The Big Picture
  5. Mediation Training Tips/Setting Up a Demonstration
  6. Mediation Training Tips/Communication Skills
  7. Key Communication Skills overview
  8. Training Tips/Negotiation Skills
  9. Negotiation Skills/PowerPoint Presentation
  10. Distinguishing Positions and Interests
  11. NAR Mediation Model
  12. NAR Mediation Model/PowerPoint Presentation
  13. Mediation Process and Strategies
  14. Bringing Mediation Home
  15. Bringing Mediation Home/PowerPoint Presentation
  16. One Mercury Drive/Procuring Cause Simulation
  17. Greediacre Mountain/Mediation Simulation
  18. Twin Rivers Road/Procuring Cause Simulation
  19. Quick Stop Strip Mall/Mediation Simulation
  20. 1150 Stockton Drive/Mediation Simulation
  21. Encouraging Reluctant Parties to Use Mediation Exercise (Based on Twin Rivers Road Role Play)
  22. Mediator Hot Seat
  23. Negotiation Skills
  24. Negotiation Skills/PowerPoint Presentation
  25. Articles/Resources
  26. Sample Mediation Forms
  27. Evaluation Forms
  28. Coaching on Evaluative Mediation
  29. Coach's Feedback Form
  30. Mediation Checklist
  31. Mediation Introduction


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