State Leadership Idea Exchange Council: REALTOR® Party Convention & Trade Expo 2014

The State Leadership Idea Exchange Council facilitates the exchange of ideas among state association leadership.

View the 2014 Idea Exchange Council Leadership and the State Association Ranking Sheet (PDF: 34 KB) of small, medium, and large associations.

On this page, view hot topic ideas submitted in advance of the 2014 REALTOR® Party Convention & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C. The deadline to submit ideas was April 30.

The Idea Exchange Council will meet on Tuesday, May 13, from 12:30 p.m. to 3.15 p.m. during the Conference. View the agenda (PDF: 88 KB). Each state association will participate in a Small, Medium, or Large breakout session.

Missed the submission deadline for the 2014 REALTOR® Party Convention & Trade Expo? You can still bring up your idea during the Council's Breakout Sessions on May 13, or save your idea until the REALTOR® Conference and Expo in November 2014.

View last year's ideas:

Ideas by State/Territory

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Alaska (small association)

The Alaska Association of REALTORS® is hosting its 2014 State Convention in Maui, Hawaii.

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Arizona (large association)

The Arizona Association introduced a leadership development program to prepare incoming and future REALTOR® leaders.

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California (large association)

The California Association launched the Ethics Check database for local associations, and are planning a 2014 Real Estate Summit.

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Colorado (large association)

The Colorado Association is proud to announce Studio R to help communicate relevant information more effectively.

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Connecticut (medium association)

The Connecticut Association of REALTORS® is identifying ways for leadeship to collaborate with past presidents more effectively.

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Delaware (small association)

The Delaware Association is working on advocacy efforts such as increasing their presence with members and government, and developing community partnerships.

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District of Columbia (small association)

The District of Columbia Association is working to promote a visibly recognizable identity and communicate a clear value to its members.

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Florida (large association)

The Florida Association is raising awareness of homelessness, and will be traveling across the state on a "REALTORS® Believe" bus tour.

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Georgia (large association)

Georgia REALTORS® aim to exceed their RPAC goal, ensure quality education for members, provide housing indicators, and more.

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Idaho (medium association)

The Idaho Association wrapped up their Legislative Session, held their Annual Brokers Summit, and reintroduced their Leadership Academy.

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Illinois (large association)

The Illinois Association supports the Division of Real Estate executive order, held in-district meetings with members of the U.S. House, and introduced a program for first-time homebuyers.

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Iowa (small association)

The Iowa Association restructured the "Visionary Team," introduced a new bill to the Iowa Legislature, and created a new Board of Directors course.

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Kansas (medium association)

The Kansas Association is testing its Keynote Online Educational Series, has worked on several legislative issues, and continues to promote sharing data using RPR®.

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Louisiana (medium association)

Louisiana REALTORS® is focusing on building a new headquarters and maintaining a strong legislative and PAC presence.

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Massachusetts (large association)

The Massachusetts Government Affairs Committee established the Massachusetts State Political Coordinators Program, modeled after NAR’s Federal Political Coordinators Program.

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Michigan (large association)

Michigan REALTORS® has removed the state administrative agency from the continuing education approval and tracking process. They are also looking at strategic investments.

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Missouri (medium association)

The Missouri Association is implementing an advocacy strategy that encourages and supports local boards/associations to build capacity, develop local plans, and provide necessary staffing and training.

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Montana (small association)

The Montana Association is asking the Legislative Audit Committee to conduct a performance audit of the continuing education approval process.

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Nebraska (small association)

The Nebraska Association developed the REALTOR® Mark of Excellence to recognize individual achievements throughout the state.

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New Hampshire (small association)

The New Hampshire Association is collaborating with the state's Real Estate Commission on statutory definition of broker supervision.

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New Jersey (large association)

The New Jersey Association is working on strategic planning and rebranding, including a new brand identity.

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New Mexico (small association)

The REALTOR® Association of New Mexico is looking at big changes to their annual conference and a partnership with other state housing organizations.

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New York (large association)

NYSAR recently held an idea exchange forum and plans to compile a resource page where local boards can offer to share or provide services to other local boards.

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North Carolina (large association)

NCAR launched an outreach campaign aimed at increasing membership, engagement, and community involvement.

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North Dakota (small association)

The North Dakota Association is working towards the permanent ban of Transfer Taxes and celebrating the fifth anniversary of REALTOR® Ring Day.

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Ohio (large association)

The Ohio Association is tackling behind-the-scenes issues to ensure its long-term relevance, including an overview of its nominating process.

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Oklahoma (medium association)

The Oklahoma Association is developing a new education website, raising professionalism standards, and has refreshed their brand.

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Oregon (medium association)

The Oregon Association is focusing on building their RPAC culture and fundraising.

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Pennsylvania (large association)

The Pennsylvania Association launched an advocacy campaign to encourage the Pennsylvania Senate to approve Senate Bill 76.

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South Dakota (small association)

The South Dakota Association completed its Leadership Retreat, established a Leadership Academy, and continued to focus on education.

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Tennessee (large association)

The Tennessee Association is promoting its no-risk shared-reward education model.

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Texas (large association)

The Texas Association introduced a Broker Operations Policy & Procedures manual and is expanding the PAC.

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Utah (medium association)

The Utah Association is developing the Utah Land Company, an online, statewide training program on land-use law, smart growth, and affordable homeownership.

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Virginia (large association)

The Virginia Association is taking a more holistic approach to fundraising, so created a group tasked with planning their strategy.

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