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Each REALTOR® association needs forms that evaluate a chief staff executive’s skills, attributes, goals, and objectives that the association deems most important.

The sample forms in this collection vary in format and by the criteria being evaluated. Read through these examples, which come from actual REALTOR® associations, to get a sense of what would work best for your unique organization. Consider adding a Core Standards compliance component to your chief staff evaluations.

3-Point Rating Scale

Sample #1 - Competency-based rating in 13 areas
Sample #2 - Rate on communications; financial; operations; management; goals

4-Point Rating Scale

Sample #3 - Leadership skills and values; administrative skills and values; interpersonal skills
Sample #4 - 18 competencies
Sample #5 - Rating-based with overall score and write-in strengths/goals

5-Point Rating Scale

Sample #6 - 15 criteria/performance areas
Sample #7 - 16 criteria/performance areas
Sample #8 - 13 criteria; strengths/weaknesses/goal setting
Sample #9 - Rate areas: leadership; financial management; personal qualities; community relations; Board of Directors; strengths/weaknesses/goal setting
Sample #10 - With job description and personal competencies
Sample #11 - 12 criteria/performance areas
Sample #12 - 15 criteria/performance areas
Sample #13 - 14 criteria/performance areas
Sample #14 - 15 criteria/performance areas

Open Format

Sample #15 - Purpose, Process, Criteria
Sample #16 - Blank sheets to set objectives and how objectives are met

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