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Resort and Second Home

Keep up on the latest developments in the resort and second home market, earn the Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS) certification, and network with other members who specialize in the buying, selling, or management of investment, development, retirement, or second homes.

RSPS Certification

Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS) is a REALTOR® certification for specialists in buying and selling resort and second home properties.


Podcast: Short Term Rentals

Brian Blaesser shares tips, information about regulations, and how your can help your clients who are hoping to acquire short term rentals....

Investment & Vacation Home Buyers

Cover of the 2017 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey

Read the latest research on investment and vacation properties.

Snapshot of 2016 Second-Home Buyers

Snapshot of 2016 Second-home Buyers Infographic

See and share this infographic about 2016 vacation and investment home buyers.

Types of Homes Bought by Region

See and share this infographic showing percentages of primary, vacation, and investment homes in the U.S. by region.

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Tax Reform

Pending tax reform plans threaten to wipe out the tax benefits of owning a home for 95% of American families.