When it comes to sustainability, everyone plays a role—including the staff of your association.
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Operational improvements that National Association of REALTORS® staff teams made in 2022 include:

  • Eliminating desk telephones and transitioning to a cloud-based system to reduce energy use.
  • Diverting at least 50% of the Chicago building’s waste—about 150,000 pounds—from landfills to recycling programs.
  • Participating in a program that incentivizes commercial property owners to keep buildings in peak health. A routine inspection uncovered a steam trap leak in the Chicago headquarters costing about $1,000 in lost energy a year. After replacing the equipment, NAR received a $1,440 rebate from the utility.
  • Replacing printed conference programs with conference-specific apps.
  • Continuing partnership with the Food Recovery Network to donate unused food from major meetings to local shelters. Last year, NAR donated 3,019 pounds of surplus food, equivalent to 2,516 meals, to local hunger-fighting nonprofits in 12 cities. Since 2019, NAR and its affiliates have donated 6,293 pounds or roughly 5,250 meals.
  • Working with companies like BlockDox and Smart Point, whose business models prioritize sustainability.

ESG+R Report

Read NAR’s 2022 ESG+R Report to learn more about NAR’s enterprisewide efficiencies and learn how sustainability serves your business.


ESG+R Report

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