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On Our Real Estate Radar: Garage-Style Living

Making real estate transactions eco-friendly. Converting garages into living spaces. Hearing marbles rolling around upstairs. Read the latest roundup of stories you may have missed.

“On Our Radar” is a reading list, curated by our friends at the world’s largest real estate library. That’s right, the National Association of REALTORS® has the largest collection in the world of real estate–related books and other materials.

Here’s our latest roundup of real estate news, trends, and tips that can help your business.

“The marble upstairs: Why so many apartment dwellers hear the sound of rolling objects through the ceiling” (

  • The rundown: What noise is that? This story investigates a common sound heard by apartment dwellers, from Toronto to Washington, D.C., to France, to Hong Kong. Rest assured, no one is losing their marbles over this mystery.

“Garages – the new affordable houses?” (BBC)

  • The rundown: The BBC takes a deep dive into the very real possibility of more people converting garages into living spaces. Is this a feasible housing solution? We’ll let you decide.

“Embedding Sustainability in Real Estate Transactions” (Urban Land Institute)

  • The rundown: This handy roadmap indicates where you can add more sustainable value during the lifecycle of a real estate transaction. Take notes: the potential value at stake is significant and in some cases this means a 50% increase in asset value.

“Twitter Advertising for Real Estate: Here are the Do's and Don'ts” (Realty Biz News)

  • The rundown: Keep this article for your reference about best and worst Twitter practices for a real estate professional—even if you’ve been a longtime user. For example, avoid retweeting generic content; make sure to use polls to get people engaged.

“Cause and Effect: What Niche Real Estate Organizations Offer” (REALTOR® Magazine)

  • The rundown: If you’ve ever thought about joining a smaller association, let this article be your guide. It includes five tips on getting the most out of whatever niche group you decide to join, for your business and beyond.


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