Due to the limited quantity of luxury properties and prospective buyers, the listing and sale of luxury real estate may present some challenges. However, with the right marketing mix and a little creativity you can connect your luxury listings with qualified and interested buyers—perhaps a multimillion dollar home could be converted into a winery, convention retreat center, or hotel, or maybe connecting with the international community will help increase the pool of prospective buyers.

Facts About Affluent Home Buyers


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Facts About Affluent Homebuyers

  • Percent of first-time and repeat buyers with household incomes of $200,000 or more: 9%
  • Percent of first-time and repeat buyers who bought homes priced $500,000 and more: 11%
  • Percent of first-time and repeat buyers who bought homes 3,501 sq ft or more: 9%

Source: The 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

The Luxury Property Market

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Luxury Brand Management, (Audiobook, eBook)

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