The National Association of REALTORS® defines stigmatized property as: "a property that has been psychologically impacted by an event which occurred, or was suspected to have occurred, on the property, such event being one that has no physical impact of any kind."

Many circumstances can stigmatize a property—location, murder or suicide in the house, alleged hauntings, or a notorious previous owner. Learn the basics of identifying stigmatized homes, how stigma affects property values and what you need to disclose to potential buyers.


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Stigmatized Property Basics

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Stigma and Property Value

Lizzie Borden’s Notoriety is This Home’s Selling Point (The New York Times, Jan. 21, 2021)

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Meet the Real Estate Appraiser of the World’s Most Gruesome Murder Sites (Rolling Stone, Mar. 7, 2019)

Vacant and Abandoned Properties

Vacant Zombie Properties Diminish Across U.S. as Foreclosure Moratorium Remains in Effect in Fourth Quarter of 2020 (ATTOM Data Solutions, Oct. 29, 2020)

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Death and Disclosure: Legal Strategies for Dealing with Stigmatized Properties (October Research Corporation, 2007) HD 1341 R22d

An Examination of Stigmatized Housing in Ohio (Columbus, OH: Ohio State University, 2000) HD 1341 L32

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