State Leadership Idea Exchange Council: REALTORS® Conference & Expo 2014

The State Leadership Idea Exchange Council facilitates the exchange of ideas among state association leadership.

View the 2014 Idea Exchange Council Leadership and the State Association Ranking Sheet (PDF: 34 KB) of small, medium, and large associations.

On this page, view hot topic ideas submitted in advance of the 2014 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in New Orleans.

The Idea Exchange Council will meet on Thursday, Nov. 6, from 1:00 p.m. to 3.45 p.m during the Conference. View the agenda (DOC: 53 KB). Each state association will participate in a Small, Medium, or Large breakout session.

Missed the submission deadline for the 2014 REALTORS® Conference & Expo? You can still bring up your idea during the Council's Breakout Sessions on Nov. 6, or save your idea until the REALTOR® Party Convention and Trade Expo in May, 2015.

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Ideas by State/Territory

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Arizona (large association)

The Arizona Association held a workshop to discover community outreach activities and a RAPAC training workshop.

Read more (PDF: 648 KB)

California (large association)

The California Association has been concentrating on thought leadership and a new state housing agency.

Read more (PDF: 41 KB)

Connecticut (medium association)

The Connecticut Association is deepening its bond with and among local presidents, and assisting municipalities with flood insurance information

Read more (PDF: 29 KB)

Florida (large association)

The Florida Association made homelessness a priority this year, advocating for legislation that provides housing for low-income and homeless populations.

Read more (DOC: 693 KB)

Georgia (large association)

The Georgia Association is exploring health insurance options for its members.

Read more (PDF: 73 KB)

Illinois (large association)

The Illinois Association is proposing a $25 dues increase, funding three research projects, and conducting studies of buyers in the state.

Read more (PDF: 171 KB)

Iowa (small association)

The Iowa Association created a 4-hour presentation for all members to review and has been working on new Core Standards requirements.

Read more (PDF: 78 KB)

Kansas (medium association)

The Kansas Association pushed to repeal the the state's real estate transfer tax and is preparing for the 2015 legislative session.

Read more (PDF: 91 KB)

Louisiana (medium association)

The Louisiana Association is placing a strong emphasis on volunteer mediation training and certification in 2015, and will also launch a new app.

Read more (PDF: 136 KB)

Maine (small a​ssociation)

The Maine Association is distributing "challenge coins" to prove membership or as a symbol of alliance and allegiance to shared principles.

Read more (PDF: 139 KB)

Massachus​etts (large association)

The Massachusetts Association is empowering its members to get involved at all three levels of government: federally, state-wide, and locally.

Read more (PDF: 152 KB)

Michigan (large association)

The Michigan Association has undergone a name change and increased membership levels while enjoying several legislative victories.

Read more (PDF: 73 KB)

Mississippi (small association)

The Mississippi Association achieved success with many of its legislative priorities during 2014 and saw a high level of contributions to MARPAC.

Read more (PDF: 2.74 MB)

Missouri (medium association)

The Missouri Association hired a consulting firm to garner feedback from local REALTORS® about how they are doing.

Read more (PDF: 70 KB)

Montana (small association)

The Montana Association is sponsoring several land use bills and looking at ways to raise the educational bar for all licensees.

Read more (PDF: 119 KB)

Nevada (medium association)

The Nevada Association is conducting a no-holds barred attack on the Margin Tax Initiative Petition.

Read more (PDF: 144 KB)

New Jersey (large association)

The New Jersey Association has a new name and logo and is launching a new website in December.

Read more (PowerPoint: 2.86 MB)

New York (large association)

The New York State Association opposes a proposed mandate requiring sprinkler systems to be installed in all newly constructed one- and two-family homes as well as townhomes. 

Read more (PDF: 199 KB)

North Carolina (large association)

The North Carolina Association has been engaged in the design, planning, rollout, and implementation of a statewide public and issues awareness campaign

Read more (PDF: 133 KB)

North Dakota (small association)

The North Dakota Association is campaigning to ban Transfer Taxes, and is preparing for the fifth anniversary of REALTOR® Ring Day.

Read more (PDF: 182 KB)

Ohio (large association)

The Ohio Association is concerned with three key areas: (1) NAR Core Standards, (2) OAR Governance structure/meetings, (3) Communications audit.

Read more (PDF: 128 KB)

Oklahoma (medium association)

The Oklahoma Association created an infographic that showcases why companies and families should locate there.

Read more (PDF: 37 KB)
View infographic (PDF: 1.11 MB)

Pennsylvania (large association)

The Pennsylvania Association set up a local association management service to help local associations maintain their independence, provide value, and meet NAR's Core Standards.

Read more (PDF: 926 KB)

South Dakota (small association)

The South Dakota Association had a successful second Leadership Academy and is improving its education offerings.

Read more (PDF: 228 KB)

Tennessee (large association)

The Tennessee Association took on a new initiative to increase RPAC contributions and helped raise over $53,000.

Read more (PDF: 75 KB)

Texas (large association)

The Texas Association examined their ability to go beyond membership to expand their REALTOR® base, increase PAC dollars, and raise their level of influence.

Read more (PDF: 87 KB)

Utah (medium association)

The Utah Association partnered with the Utah Clean Air Partnership to create a grant program to convert wood-burning stoves to cleaner sources of heat.

Read more (PDF: 113 KB)