Survey of Mortgage Originators, Fourth Quarter 2016

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Cover of the Q4 2016 Survey of Mortgage Originators

This quarter marks the 13th Survey of Mortgage Originators in which lenders are surveyed about current trends in lending. This survey covered lenders’ experiences in the 4th quarter of 2016 and also included questions on shortages of appraisers and rising rates.

  • Non-QM lending inched back, while rebuttable presumption lending moderated. However, there was a significant increase in interest by investors and lenders who expect to expand credit for non-QM over the next six months. Despite this, investor demand for non-QMs is expected to ease.
  • Investor demand for and lender willingness to expand access to prime borrowers, both low and high credit, is expected to continue to strengthen over the next six months.
  • 55.6% of lenders indicated some level of problems getting appraisals, with 11.1% indicating it was significant.


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