Survey of Mortgage Originators, First Quarter 2017

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This quarter marks the 14th Survey of Mortgage Originators and the first full quarter under the new administration. This survey covered lenders’ experiences in the 1st quarter of 2017 and questions on potential changes to the CFPB, the Qualified Mortgage rule, and the Small Creditor Portfolio Rule. 

  • Non-QM lending moderated, while rebuttable presumption gained, but willingness to originate both gave back gains made in the 4th quarter. Investor interest is expected to moderate over the next six months, though lenders remain keen on the product.
  • Investor demand for and lender willingness to expand access to prime borrowers over the next six months remained strong, but more robust at the lower credit band.
  • A 64.7 percent majority of respondents indicated that they would prefer a panel structure of governance at the CFPB, while in a nod to the benefit of consumer protections only 11.8 percent would like to eliminate the entity.