Expanding Housing Opportunities Class

Expanding Housing Opportunities (EHO) is a course designed to educate real estate professionals on the range of affordable housing opportunities and clients seeking them. EHO is available in two formats; online and in the classroom. The content and learning objectives are the same for both formats.

Course participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and explain the range of affordable housing opportunities and their benefits to clients.
  • Describe how affordability affects the housing market, their clients, their business, and their community.
  • Better analyze affordable financing options, including local, state, federal, and nonprofit assistance programs for buyers and renters.
  • Build partnerships to expand housing opportunities through advocacy, workforce housing initiatives, and green building concepts.

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EHO Online

EHO is available as a 3-hour course through Realtor® University. Sign up today! Once you register, you will have six months to complete the course.

EHO in the Classroom

EHO is available as a 4-hour classroom course. Check the schedule of classes to see if EHO is being offered in your area. View a schedule of EHO classes.

Sponsor the Course

To offer an EHO class, you need to become a Community and Political Affairs (CPA) Training Sponsor. Any REALTOR® association; NAR Institute, Society or Council; multicultural real estate organization; real estate training school/company; or brokerage firm can become a Sponsor. Sponsors are also eligible to offer the Employer-Assisted Housing Class and Smart Growth for the 21st Century.

View a list of CPA Training Sponsors.
Learn more about becoming a Sponsor.
View a list of authorized Expanding Housing Opportunities instructors.

Become an EHO Ins​tructor

Only NAR-authorized instructors may teach Expanding Housing Opportunities (EHO). Instructor are authorized on an individual basis in coordination with a class Sponsor.

Individuals interested in teaching the class should:

  • Identify a class Sponsor that intends to utilize them to teach the class.
  • Email eho@realtors.org to request an application, reference form, and authorization instructions.

Instructor Term and Renewal

Authorized instructors may teach EHO for a two-year term. The term is renewable every two years if the instructor teaches at least one EHO class during the preceding term, receives favorable class evaluations, and completes the Instructor Renewal Agreement.

Teaching the Class

Authorized instructors may teach EHO anywhere the class is offered by an authorized sponsor. Instructors are eligible to receive compensation for the training they provide. Compensation is negotiated between the instructor and the sponsor.

For Further Information, Contact:

Wendy Penn
Manager, Housing Opportunity Program
National Association of REALTORS®
500 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001