Who May Offer the Expanding Housing Opportunities Course?

REALTOR® associations, proprietary schools, and real estate franchises that have a license with the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC) may offer this course or presentation.

REALTOR® associations that do not have a license with REBAC may complete a single-course license agreement with the Center for REALTOR® Development (CRD). The $1,000 single-course license agreement fee is waived for the Expanding Housing Opportunity course.

Steps to Offer the EHO Course (Non-REBAC Providers)

  1. Complete the CRD Expanding Housing Opportunity course license agreement and email it to eho@nar.realtor. Upon approval the course materials will be sent to your association accordingly.
  2. Find and hire an instructor from the list of approved instructors.
  3. Upon approval, send the course materials to your instructor to prepare.
  4. Submit the necessary documentation to your state licensing authority for the course and your instructor to be CE approved.
  5. When the course and instructor are approved for CE by your state licensing authority, schedule the course and determine all logistics (e.g., when and where it will be held, if a fee will be charged to students who attend the course). CRD encourages associations to offer the course for free tuition or at cost so that the greatest number of students may register for it.
  6. Market the course to your members.
  7. Capture the following information for every student who attends the course, using a student roster form:
    • Member ID number
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
  8. On the day of the course or presentation, instruct students to complete the course-instructor evaluation form following the conclusion of the course. Administer the final exam if your state requires an exam for CE approval of the 3-hour course.
  9. Submit all necessary CE paperwork to the state licensing authority if the course is approved for CE.
  10. Within 10 days following the course, submit a completed student roster and course-instructor evaluation forms to eho@nar.realtor.


Contact Andrew Hall at 312-329-8872 or eho@nar.realtor for more information.