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50th Anniversary of Fair Housing Commemoration Timeline

In 2018, the National Association of REALTORS® will join with our partners and allies to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act.  The commemoration will focus on these main elements

  • Understanding how we as a nation are constantly improving our commitment to fair housing and property rights by acknowledging our history and recognizing champions for fair housing. (January - March 2018)
  • Commemorating the passage of the Fair Housing Act and actions to realize the promise of the law. (April - May 2018)
  • Embracing our role in the forefront of advancing fair housing and leading efforts to address community fair housing issues. (June - December 2018)

Commemoration Resources

To assist the REALTOR® community in sharing the story of the importance of Fair Housing in our industry and in our communities, NAR is offering a variety of Commemoration Resources that underscore how “Fair Housing Makes Us Stronger.”

Brand Usage Toolkit:

This toolkit provides brand guidelines to ensure all communications resources below convey a consistent message that reflects our vision, and is perceived by our audience in the way we intend.

Fair Housing Brand Usage

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Frank Williams

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Pat Combs

Frank Williams
Liza & Pedro
Pat Combs
Pat Combs


Print this 22"x28" poster to display in your office.

Fair Housing Poster

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Customize this flyer below with your Association logo in the bottom right to share information with your members about the Fair Housing commemoration.

2018 Fair Housing Act Commemoration Flyer

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Monthly Article:

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Fair Housing: Promises of a Century

Fair Housing: Promises of a Century

Download (PDF: 193 KB)


You Can't Live Here: The Enduring Impacts of Restrictive Covenants

You Can't Live Here: The Enduring Impacts of Restrictive Covenants

Download (PDF: 199 KB)


From One Voice to Many: Despite Setbacks and Opposition, How a Growing Chorus Paved the Way to Fair Housing 

March 2018 Fair Housing thumb

Download (PDF: 237 KB)


"The First Step in a 1000-mile Journey": How the Dream of a Fair Housing Act Became Reality

Download (PDF: 167 KB)


Is 50 Years Enough? Why the Fight for Fair Housing Continues, and REALTORS®’ Role in Ensuring Its Success

Fair Housing

Download (PDF: 143 KB)


Despite the Law’s Original Intent, Not All Groups are Covered by the Fair Housing Act

June Article Fair Housing png 608w 785h

Download (PDF: 162 KB)


Building Stronger, Healthier Communities for All Through Fair Housing and Equal Opportunities

July 2018 - Fairhousing Report

Download (PDF: 158.3 KB)


Housing Opportunity and Educational Achievement

Housing Opportunity & Educational Achievement

Download (PDF: 145.5 KB)


After 50 Years, How Much Has Changed?

Hair Housing article Sept 2018

Download (PDF: 121 KB)


The Critical Connections Between Housing and Health

2018 FHAC October Article Page One

Download (PDF: 193 KB)


NAR Forum Examines Intersection of Americans with Disabilities and Fair Housing Acts

Fair Housing Article

Download (PDF: 226 KB)


Association Email Template:

Customize this email template with your Association logo in the top left to communicate with your members about the Fair Housing Commemoration.

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Social Media:

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Additional NAR Fair Housing Resources

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