View or download presentations from speakers at the 2023 Sustainability Summit that took place in Austin, Texas, on September 12-13.

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ESG, GigaTrends, and the Drive to Net Positive (Keynote)

Andrew Winston, Global Thought Leader and Best-Selling Author on Strategy and Sustainability 

The days of organizations focusing solely on short-term profits are behind us. Businesses are under incredible pressure to play an active role in solving our most urgent challenges, such as climate change and inequality, and help build a thriving world. Why is this happening, and how are organizations responding? Renowned strategist Andrew Winston helps business owners understand this new world. Based on his book Net Positive, Andrew’s inspiring talk explores:

  • The existential challenges and massive trends which are reshaping how we live, work, eat, travel, and much more.
  • How and why key stakeholders – such as investors, customers, and employees – are applying immense pressure on business.
  • How to build organizations that thrive by solving the world’s problems, not creating them.
  • What leadership looks like using concrete examples of companies around the world profiting from sustainability.

Andrew’s message is clear: business has the tools and skills to help build a thriving world. This talk will leave listeners with a fresh understanding of business today, and inspired by the scale and urgency of our shared challenges and opportunities.


Financing Resilient and High Performing Homes

Kerry Langley, Vice President/Senior Loan Officer & HERS Associate at PrimeLending, a Plains Capital Company.

This session explored the innovative financing models and strategies that are propelling the shift towards homes that not only embrace sustainable practices, but also stand strong against the challenges of a changing world. Including case studies and expert insights to discover how to navigate the financial landscape and create homes that offer long-term value, reduced operational costs, and a more sustainable future for homeowners and communities alike.

Sustainability Market Update

Jessica Lautz, Deputy Chief Economist and Vice President of Research, National Association of REALTORS®

This session provided indicators of sustainability trends in the current real estate market and explored where the market is headed. It also covered how buyers and sellers are facing the changing preferences for healthier, more sustainable options in their homes and communities.

Gateway to Greater Value and More Accurate Appraisals

Sandra Adomatis, 2023 President-elect of the Appraisal Institute

Greater value for homes with green features is achieved when the entire real estate ecosystem works together. REALTORS® are the gateway to making the most headway by promoting the features in marketing and populating the search MLS fields. Appraised values may be positively or negatively affected by the MLS marketing of properties. This session offered resources to enhance your knowledge and marketing of homes with green features.

Partnerships, Policy, and Property

J.H. Cullum Clark, Director, George W. Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative & Adjunct Professor, SMU

Unlock the power of collaboration and policy alignment in driving sustainable real estate innovation! This engaging session delved into the dynamic interplay between partnerships, policy, and property in the realm of sustainability. In an era where environmental concerns and energy efficiency needs only continue to grow, this session explored the immense potential that arises at the intersection of public and private sectors.

Riding the Wave: Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate — Trends, Strategies and Impacts

John Saxon, Chief of Staff, Howard Hughes Corporation

Explore the latest trends, strategies, opportunities, and profound impact of sustainability in the commercial real estate sector. This session unpacked the key drivers of sustainability in the commercial market, including emerging trends, potential economic benefits, and tenant engagement.

Inflation Reduction Act Rebates & Incentives

Cynthia Adams, CEO and Co-Founder of Pearl Certification

The Inflation Reduction Act will bring increased visibility to high-performing, energy-efficient homes in the market, impacting the way we market listings and advise buyers. Homeowners will be incentivized to make energy-efficient improvements to their homes, and agents can be the resource for their clients to utilize those programs effectively. Millennial homeowners, as the largest percentage of the market, spend four times as much as other generations on home improvements, with an emphasis on smart devices and energy efficiency. This session provided a clear picture of what agents need to understand and how to cater to these priorities.

Sustainability, Segregation, and Environmental Justice

Laurie Benner, Associate Vice President of Housing & Community Development at the National Fair Housing Alliance

This session explored how your work can be a catalyst for positive social change. In an era where addressing systemic disparities is paramount, this session serves as a platform to engage in thought-provoking discussions on how sustainable real estate practices can drive equitable development and foster environmental justice. It's an opportunity to empower your practice with insights that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering communities that thrive economically, environmentally, and socially.