Sustainability Summit

Location: TBD | September 12–13, 2023

NAR's 2022 Sustainability Summit took place on June 7-8 in Minneapolis. Please stay tuned for information on future events.

This annual event brings together industry and volunteer leaders to explore progress and market transformation that affects real estate associations and professionals and provides programming and discussion to support NAR’s Sustainability and Resilience Plan. Attendees are by invitation only and consist of volunteers and industry topic thought leaders to address short and long-term sustainability goals.

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This event:

  • Provides opportunity for deeper discussion and consideration of the impacts of sustainability on real estate, property value, and communities.
  • Helps our industry better understand and better work with local municipalities and communities to provide the highest level of value in the relationship among real estate agents clients, and communities we serve.
  • Explores sustainability progress within the real estate industry, creating practical solutions that improve awareness of changing market expectations.
  • Considers risk mitigation strategies and helps REALTORS® answer client questions about changing climates.
  • Uses industry data, presentations, and member input and expertise to advance NAR’s sustainability goals.

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NAR provides leadership and strategies for sustainability that benefit members, associations, and communities.

ESG+R Report

Tracking NAR's progress and telling the association’s sustainability story through specific actions and goals.