What is the first thing invitees need to do to start booking with TripActions?

Create login information, and then make a one-time profile under TripActions (click the link in the email sent be the event organizer or go to https://tripactions.com/signup to get started). After these steps are complete, you can continue viewing your invitation and begin booking travel. If you already have a profile setup with TripActions, simply login to view your invitation and begin booking your flight.

How to book your trip?

Click the booking link sent to you via email from the event organizer or login to TripActions at https://tripactions.com, at any time to view your invitation, and begin booking your trip.

What if the invitee books out of policy?

The invitee will be notified that the booking is out of policy, and will need to get approval from the event organizer to proceed with the booking. Some out of policy issues may be:

1) Booking out of the allocated timeframe

2) Booking a seat that isn’t an economy seat

3) The cost of the ticket(s) being over the allocated amount

Can my preferred airline rewards number be added to my booking?

A: Yes! When setting up your profile in TripActions you will be able to add your rewards number then. You are also able to add it later by clicking on your profile (top right) and editing your profile information.

Can I upgrade my seat?

Invitees are able to upgrade their seat at their own expense; however, they must book an economy seat first, and then upgrade their seat by calling  +1 (888) 433-8747, or chatting with a TripActions representative to do so.

How can an invitee modify a booking?

Once a booking has been made, you can view your itinerary under the Trips section of your account. The Trips page will display all cancelation information, and allow you to change/cancel your flight. If you would rather modify your flight with a TripActions representative, feel free to chat with them or call them at +1 (888) 433-8747. Any fees applied for modifications will be paid for by the invitee, unless approval is given by the event organizer for NAR to cover these fees.  

Can I decline a Team Travel invitation in the TripActions?

At this time, invitees are not able to decline a team travel invitation through the TripActions. However, event organizers can remove an invitee from an invite at any time, which will remove the event from your Invitations page.

Is there a window of time that I have to book a team invite? Do invitations expire?

Team event invitations do not have a mandated booking period but invitees are obliged to follow their assigned booking policy guidelines. For example, if your flight policy mandates that all flights should be booked seven days in advance and you book a flight six days in advance, the booking will be marked as out-of-policy. Additionally, a booking invitation will expire once the dates for the team event pass.

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