REALTOR® Party Training Conference

January 22-25, 2025 | Advocacy Week | Washington, D.C.

Please note: The 2025 REALTOR® Party Training Conference will be part of NAR’s new Advocacy Week event, January 22-25, 2025, in Washington, D.C. Advocacy Week combines four signature Advocacy events: REALTOR® Party Training Conference, Public Policy Coordinating Committee Meeting, FPC Training, and the NAR Policy Forum. Further details will be provided as we approach the event’s date.

The 2024 conference was held on November 30 to December 2, 2023 in St. Louis, MO.

Attendees of the REALTOR® Party Training Conference spent 2 intensive days learning about REALTOR® Party and Advocacy objectives for success in 2024.

“I typically do not give a "perfect score". However, when a meeting meets your expectations, covers pertinent information, expands knowledge, allows networking opportunities, and is high energy, what else can one do? GREAT conference!” — 2023 REALTOR® Party Training Conference attendee.