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NAR Senior Vice Presidents

Janet Branton

Senior Vice President, Commercial & Global Services

Executive Assistant:
Susan Young
Phone: 312-329-5970
Fax: 312-670-2960

Jerry Giovaniello

Senior Vice President Government Affairs & Chief Lobbyist

Executive Assistant:
Lynda Keese
Phone: 202-383-1205
Fax: 202-383-7540

To Be Announced

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Business Development & Strategic Investments, Professional Development, Conventions

Executive Assistant:
Cherie Pollard
Phone: 312-329-8880
Fax: 312-329-8390

Donna Gland

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Office Services

Executive Assistant:
Tamara Fuller
Phone: 312-329-8219
Fax: 312-329-8178

Katie Johnson

Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, General Counsel

Executive Assistant:
Aimee Nieves
Phone: 312-329-8271
Fax: 312-329-8256

Mark Lesswing

Senior Vice President and CTO

Senior Executive Assistant:
Kathy Michaels
Phone: 312-329-8416
Fax: 312.329.8424

John Pierpoint

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Executive Assistant:
Brenda Girven
Phone: 312-329-8251
Fax: 312-329-3299

Stephanie Singer

Senior Vice President, Communications

Executive Assistant:
Carson L. Allen
Phone: 202-383-7515
Fax: 202-383-1231

Walt Witek

Senior Vice President, Community & Political Affairs

Executive Assistant:
Kathleen LaMarre
Phone: 202-383-7560
Fax: 202-627-3011

Lawrence Yun

Chief Economist and Senior Vice President

Executive Assistant:
Caroline Van Hollen
Phone: 202-383-1060
Fax: 202-383-1031

How Do I Get an SVP to Speak at My Event?

If you're planning a state or regional meeting or event, you may want an NAR senior vice president to come and speak.

Find out how to request an SVP as a speaker.