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July 1 and December 1 are deadlines dates for submitting the RCE Applicant Data Form (ADF). Submit your ADF prior to each deadline to be eligible to take the Fall or Spring RCE exams.

The online ADF allows candidates to keep an ongoing record of their professional development activities and to electronically submit the ADF to become an RCE candidate. The online ADF will estimate and keep track of your total points to see if you will earn the minimum points required. However, your information will be reviewed upon submission of the form, and may be returned to you if the minimum number of points has not been met.

If you see that you are short of points in some areas, use the ADF to guide you toward those activities in which you might want to get involved.

Download the Steps to Earning the RCE Designation handout to get started!

CAE Plus Program

If you currently hold ASAE's Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation (documentation required) and have three years (full time) or five years (part-time) association or real estate management experience, you can participate in a streamlined process. Simply submit the CAE Plus program application and complete a condensed examination consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions on REALTOR® association management topics. 

Who Can Apply for the Designation?

Applicants can apply for the designation if they are a full- or part-time employee of a local or state association of REALTORS®, a business which is, directly or indirectly, wholly-owned by one or more REALTOR® association(s), a regional multiple listing service owned by a REALTOR® association(s), or an employee of NAR.

Application Deadlines: July 1 and Dec. 1

If you have not met the two eligibility requirements as outlined, your ADF will be returned to you.

Documentation of attendance or participation in professional development activities is no longer required. Documentation is only required for published articles.

ADFs are marked by year and will only be accepted during the year for which they are dated. Please be sure to read the directions carefully before you begin submit the ADF.

Judith Lindenau RCE Scholarship

Judith Lindenau RCE Scholarships are available. Scholarship recipients receive up to $600 to cover the expense of submitting the RCE Applicant Data Form (ADF) and the one-time certification fee. 

Qualified candidates (this includes all paid full- or part-time local association chief executive officers and staff specialists) must demonstrate financial need and professional development initiative.

The application process opens annually in September.

For more information, please contact Renee Holland at rholland@nar.realtor or Andrew Scoulas at ascoulas@nar.realtor.