Application Fee

To begin the process, you must complete and submit an online ADF along with a non-refundable $375 application fee. This fee covers both the ADF and the examination costs. A $195 certification fee will be due after you have successfully completed the examination.

Judith Lindenau RCE Scholarship

You may be eligible for up to $570 to cover the expense of submitting the RCE applicant data form (ADF), and the one-time certification fee. Learn more about the Judith Lindenau RCE Scholarship.

Reapplication Fee

Candidates who do not take the examination or successfully pass all three (3) modules of the examination within two years after receiving their ADF score or submitting their CAE Plus application must resubmit a new ADF or CAE Plus application, along with a $375 reapplication fee. Candidates will have two years to successfully pass all three examination modules.

Retake Fee

Candidates who do not receive the minimum required number of points after taking the examination have two years from the date their ADF was submitted to retake the module(s) they did not pass during the next time an examination is scheduled at an NAR meeting or is sponsored by a state or local association. Candidates must pay a nonrefundable, nontransferable $50 retake fee per module examination.

Recertification Fee

To retain the designation, RCEs must be recertified every four years. For all RCEs, the recertification date is the fourth Jan. 1 following the certification date that appears on his or her certificate. Recertification requires completion of the recertification form, along with a $125 recertification fee.

Annual Dues

Designees must pay an annual fee of $85, payable within 30 days from when the dues billing is sent at the beginning of each year, to retain the designation.


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