All candidates who successfully pass the examination will be notified in writing that they have earned the RCE designation. All new designees must pay a one-time, nonrefundable certification fee of $195. NAR will send a news release to the RCE designee's association for use by local media. All new RCE designees will receive a plaque, a pin, and will be recognized during the AE Institute and both NAR meetings in front of their AE peers and volunteer leadership.

Usage Guidelines

(Effective November 2022)

  1. RCE Designation Use
    RCE designees may use the designation until they fail to comply with recertification requirements on the RCE recertification form.
  2. Unemployed/Interim RCE Status
    If a designee becomes unemployed, but is seeking a new position as a REALTOR® association executive, the designee is allowed to maintain the designation for one year from the last day of employment as a REALTOR® association executive. The designee will continue to be invoiced for dues/recertification fees during the one year time period when they are seeking employment with a REALTOR® association.

    However, it is the responsibility of the designee to inform the Association Leadership Development Department (312-329-8514) if they wish to use the designation while seeking future employment. If the designee has not found an AE position after the one year period, then the designee loses the right to use the designation. If the AE secures employment with a REALTOR® association within a four-year time period, they can resume use of the designation and all past fees will become due.

    A designee who leaves the REALTOR® association management profession for more than four years from the last day of employment, they must reapply for certification and start the process from the beginning, in the manner required for new applicants, upon return to the REALTOR® association management profession.
  3. Real Estate Industry Position RCE Status
    If an RCE designee leaves their REALTOR® association AE position, and wishes to continue use of the RCE designation, they must hold a new position in REALTOR® association management (including consultant) to maintain the designation and will be responsible for submitting dues/recertification fees. However, it is the responsibility of the designee to inform the Association Leadership Development Department if they wish to continue using the designation.
  4. RCE Emeritus Status
    For RCE designees who retire from the REALTOR® association management industry and have held the RCE designation for a minimum of 20 cumulative years.


In keeping with continuing education standards, all RCEs must recertify every four years to maintain their RCE designation by earning additional points as outlined in the RCE Recertification Form. For all RCEs, the recertification date is the fourth January 31st after the certification date that appears on their RCE certificate. Recertification requires earning an additional 75 points from two sections of the RCE Recertification Form.