Allocation of Federal Funds to States Based on Census Data by State

This data is from the 16 largest federal programs that allocate funds based primarily on census data.

The dollar amount in billions:

State Allocation State Allocation State Allocation
Alabama $13 Louisiana $14.4 Ohio $33.5
Alaska $3 Maine $4 Oklahoma $9.3
Arizona $20.5 Maryland $16.3 Oregon $13.4
Arkansas $9.8 Massachusetts $22.8 Pennsylvania $39.1
California $115 Michigan $29.2 Rhode Island $3.8
Colorado $13 Minnesota $15.4 South Carolina $12.6
Connecticut $10.7 Mississippi $10.1 South Dakota $2.3
Delaware $3 Missouri $16.4 Tennessee $17.2
Florida $44 Montana $2.9 Texas $59.4
Georgia $23.8 Nebraska $3.9 Utah $5.6
Hawaii $3.6 Nevada $6.2 Vermont $2.4
Idaho $3.6 New Hampshire $3.7 Virginia $17.7
Illinois $34.3 New Jersey $22.7 Washington $16.6
Indiana $17.9 New Mexico $7.8 West Virginia $6.7
Iowa $8.7 New York $73.3 Wisconsin $12.6
Kansas $6 North Carolina $23.7 Wyoming $1.3
Kentucky $15.8 North Dakota $1.8

*This data is based upon 2010 Census data and were federal funding allocations for FY 2016 to states throughout the United States. 

George Washington Institute of Public Policy, “Counting for Dollars: 2020, “Fifty-five Large Federal Census-guided Spending Programs: Distribution by State,” Andrew Reamer, May 2019:  

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2020 Census

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