How NAR Uses Census Data: 2020 Census

Census data are invaluable to the NAR research team. Based upon decennial census data, NAR is able to:

  • Analyze census data related to the number of homebuyers in a particular area or universe of sales;
  • Compare census data to NAR’s local and national figures;
  • Forecast and make projections about housing industry growth;
  • Evaluate trends in generational housing demands and populations at state and local levels;
  • Analyze migration trends of recent movers to identify potential customers and markets;
  • Identify trends in household formation; and
  • Better understand the population of homeowners who have been affected by natural disasters.

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2020 Census

The census is important for all REALTORS® because completing the Census survey means more resources for businesses and communities across the country.

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Message about why it is important to participate in the 2020 Census

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NAR 2020 Census Webinar
March 4, 2020 at 2PM (EST)

NAR will host a webinar with the U.S. Census Bureau on the importance of this year's decennial census and how census data are used.
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