The communication resources presented here are for national, state and local REALTOR® leaders and staff.

Every media and consumer interaction is an opportunity to build credibility and public trust in the association and its members, engage people in on the issues that matter to REALTORS®, and persuade consumers of the value REALTORS® bring to real estate transactions.

NAR’s consumer and member communications teams are available to provide strategic communications and media outreach consulting or answer any questions about these resources, please e-mail us or call 202-383-7515.

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Association Executive Internal News Service

NAR helps keep association executives up to date with two important newsletters, each with highly useful and reusable content.

Association Executive Internal News Service (AE INS) report

The INS is an e-mail newsletter distributed to approximately 2,300 association executives, staff, and other state and local association executives. The report is divided into four sections: NAR News, Issue Updates, New Resources, and Legal. It has an average open rate of almost 50 percent and AEs are encouraged to repackage the content in their own member communications.

NAR E-Newsletter Calendar

Stay up to date on when to expect the above newsletters, as well as other newsletters from NAR to its members and associations. 

NAR Publications and Sites


Quarterly informational print publication for state and local association executives and MLS directors that covers of local, state, and national association programs, activities, trends. It also covers ideas in association management and their practical application in REALTOR® associations. Association Executives Section

NAR’s flagship website includes news and resources to help state and local AEs manage their association and increase their professionalism through continuing education. It also serves as a clearinghouse for rules, guidelines, notices, and other communication on association governance, and provides access to NAR resources that AEs can use in their own associations. Resources are available for state and local volunteer leaders as well. Communication Directors Page

Communication Directors of state and local REALTOR® associations have their own curated collection of resources. 

Issue-based Topics/References

NAR has created a number of real estate topics with information on a range of subjects, from the mortgage interest deduction to seller financing and drones. These topics offer advice and regularly-updated news on public policy affecting residential and commercial REALTORS® alike. On each page you'll find links to articles, books, websites, statistics, and other material on the subject. Associations are encouraged to share this information with their members or use the topics and references to get up to speed on important issues.

Logos & Trademark Rules

It is important to use NAR's membership marks—including the REALTOR® logo and the terms REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, REALTORS®—correctly and according to the rules outlined in the Membership Marks Manual.

The Answer Book

The Answer Book is the primary reference for the REALTOR® Association Management Self-Study Course and the REALTOR® Association Certified Executive (RCE) examination. It includes sections on Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, and the REALTOR® brand and logos

Media Outreach

Real Estate Facts

Real Estate Facts articles are produced monthly and are designed for use as consumer interest newspaper stories. REALTOR® associations can feature their spokesperson within the story. These columns help position the organization as a local authority on consumer real estate issues.  

Media Talking Points

These media talking points are for REALTOR® associations and leaders who speak to the media on various housing topics. They help deliver the REALTOR® position and perspective during interviews and cover relevant industry issues.

Media & Speech/Presentation Trainings

Onsite media and speech/presentation trainings are available to state and local association leadership to ensure REALTOR® leaders are trained in how to effectively represent association policies and positions to the media.

To request a training, please contact a member of the media team.

Fill-in-the-blanks News Releases

Fill-in-the-blanks news releases are available to help REALTORS® and associations promote their participation in the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo and REALTORS® Conference & Expo to local media outlets.

Direct-to-Consumer Outreach

Anatomy of a Consumer Outreach Program presentation slides from the 2017 Association Executives Institute in Denver, CO

Learn how to nail down the consumer outreach Core Standards requirement. Get end-to-end, A-Z tips on a sustainable consumer campaign process. From message genesis and social media, to leadership amplification and member buy-in, you will take away future-proof consumer outreach skills that you can immediately put to use. This presentation was given on Sunday, March 19, 2017, by Nobu Hata and panelists TJ Doyle, David Greer, and Sara Wiskerchen.
Download presentation slides (PPT 6.65MB)

Consumer Advertising Campaign 

NAR’s Consumer Advertising Campaign, That's Who We R, reaches consumers with important real estate information through national advertising. These ads aim to persuade and educate the public about the value of property ownership and the REALTOR® brand. REALTOR® associations and members can use and customize current materials in their organization and within their local markets for consumer outreach. Associations and members can use an app to customize digital assets. 

Real Estate Today

Get the latest news and information about the real estate market from experts who open doors to the American Dream of home ownership.

REALTORS® Content Resource, powered by HouseLogic

REALTORS® Content Resource provides a great source of content for associations and their REALTOR® members. Access marketing slicks, presentations, podcasts and videos that help you speak directly to consumers, providing insights and real estate information that demonstrate the value REALTORS® bring to the real estate transaction.

Internal Resources for Information & Sharing

The Hub

The Hub is a private, secure location (accessible with your log-in) to network and collaborate year-round, discussing committee business and industry issues. Use of The Hub is currently limited to NAR committees, presidential advisory groups, advisory boards, councils, work groups, the board of directors, and select other association leadership groups, as well as the staff who support those groups. If you are already a member of the Hub, be sure to visit the Video Tutorial tab and learn how to use the features available to you. Once you get started, find out how to set your Hub notifications.

Commercial Directors & Staff Facebook Group

A place for staff at state and local associations to share commercial best practices, ideas and questions related to strengthen and developing commercial member services.

Communications Directors Facebook Group

Communications Directors use the group to network, ask questions, and share resources.

New AEs Facebook Page

New AEs use this group to communicate with other REALTOR® Association Executives new to their positions, as well as discovering what NAR has to offer you and your association.

AE YPN Facebook Page

The AE YPN Facebook page offers a channel for new and young AEs to communicate and discuss relevant industry topics. Updates from the AE YPN Advisory Board are posted here, along with resources that help all AEs within their role at the association, including new installments of Career Tips & Tricks from AE YPN.

AEI Year-Round Facebook Group

AEI Year-Round is a closed Facebook group exclusively for local and state chief staff and staff specialists. This group allows you to network virtually with AE peers around the country, all year long, just as if you’re at AE Institute!  Ask questions, share successes and stay connected with the AE community. Join the page by clicking the “Request to Join” button.

RCE Designation Facebook Page

Whether you are already an RCE or are working toward your designation, this page will help you remember deadlines, understand requirements and provide ideas to obtain ADF points.