Association Executives

How do you deliver meaningful education that large brokers and their agents need and want?

  • Ask your brokers what kind of education programming they expect from the association. With so many brokers doing their own designations and in-house training, there is less of a demand for these association services. Be sure to schedule course topics and speakers that will attract brokers and suit their business interests.
  • Work to strike a balance between brokers that hold their own education sessions and those that rely on the association for education. It’s best to stay away from sales training programming or content that might conflict with a firm’s internal policies. Try to offer relevant and valuable training while avoiding content that competes with training offered by large brokers.
  • Know the association’s strengths and offer education that the association owns and submits for CE approval. Offer special pricing, if possible.

Large Brokers

What types of educational opportunities and learning formats do you look for from the REALTOR® association that are beneficial to you and your agents?

  • Basic business practices and skills are needed and often overlooked. Some welcome topics include the following: Should I incorporate? How do I prepare a budget? How should I track my business? How should I prepare for tax season? How should I prepare for retirement?
  • Offer live presentation CE courses, since not all agents want to take online courses. Lunch and learn sessions on contract changes, license law changes, association rules and regulations, etc., would be helpful.
  • NAR designation and specialty courses, including C2EX.
  • Agent panels whereby members can learn from their peers’ experiences. For example, a risk management seminar that consists of a panel of real estate attorneys discussing risk management matters.
  • Boot camp for new agents that helps them get started. Schedule periodically, so it’s available for all new agents.
  • DEI training for agents, applicable to their market areas.
  • Market update analysis, including a discussion of issues and trends.
  • Create an incentive or awards system to encourage brokers and agents to attend education sessions.