Association Executives

How do you encourage large brokers and their agents to get involved in the association’s committee and events, and to assume a leadership role?

  • Extend a personal invitation asking your large brokers to participate. Whether it’s the chief staff or a respected volunteer leader, a personal invitation can speak volumes and is hard to reject.
  • Be sure to let large brokers know “what’s in it for them” if they volunteer – exposure for them and their firm, referrals for their agents, a heads up on major issues and initiatives, early input into the decision-making process.
  • Appoint large brokers to special projects and ad hoc task forces rather than standing committees. They may be more likely to participate in a short-term initiative with quick results.
  • Schedule quarterly or semi-annual broker roundtables for large brokers to keep them apprised of national issues and trends. Use this as an opportunity to seek their thoughts and opinions on key issues.
  • Offer large brokers appointments to the association or MLS board of directors.
  • If large brokers are not willing or interested in participating, ask them to identify someone else from their firm that can do so. This appointee may become an association endorser and valuable liaison between the association and the broker.

Large Brokers

Are you involved in your association’s committees or events? If so, at what level and how did you get involved? If not, what would motivate you to get involved?

  • I got involved early in my career because I wanted to do my part and give back. What I learned about the industry through my involvement has been invaluable to me and has certainly helped my career.
  • A call from the association chief staff requesting my involvement in a committee opened the door for me and led to a lasting, positive alliance with the local association.
  • I got involved when my kids were grown and I had an opening in my busy schedule with more time to participate.
  • I’m a current association director and past MLS director. I was invited to get involved as an independent company by another director.
  • I’m involved in YPN at the committee level; good networking opportunities.
  • I always attend the annual meeting, but my involvement is limited. If asked, I would always help.
  • I’m a past association president and currently serve on the RPAC committee. I’m not as involved as I used to be, but this is the right balance for me at this stage of my career/life.
  • I try to stay involved in some capacity, but it can be difficult when owning/running a large company.
  • I have been very involved in committees and the board of directors, and while I think it’s important for large brokers to serve on the BOD, sometimes schedules don’t allow for much involvement. As is the case with other large brokers, I support and promote involvement of my agents, with the hope that they will serve as a liaison for our firm.