Bridging the Communication Gap Between Associations, Large Brokers and Their Agents

Association Executives

How can large brokers help associations bridge the communication gap with their agents?

  • State and local associations may apply for a Broker Engagement Grant to host broker events including, but not limited to, a broker summit, legislative roundtable or meet the candidate forum to engage and involve agents within the brokerage.
  • Provide association staff or leadership with some time on their weekly sales meeting agenda for face-time with agents to discuss association programs, issues, upcoming meetings, etc.
  • Include a link to the association website to the firm’s internal website for agent access.
  • Display association information in agent office areas.
  • Be sure that brokers are familiar with the association’s services and that they recognize the value, so they promote and encourage use by their agents.
  • Involve agents from large offices in association initiatives, so they can serve as a point of contact within their office and serve as a link for two-way communication. For example, cover expenses so the office reps can be embedded into the office as liaisons during an association MLS conversion process. These reps will be informed and prepared to implement the changes and can serve as “champions” or “ambassadors” for other smaller offices.

Large Brokers

What do you think associations can and should do to help bridge the communication gap with agents?

  • Reach out to new agents early on. Provide them with tools and education they will value. Help them understand that their participation in the association is important to the industry and to their own success.
  • Let them know how the association is making a difference in the community. Community involvement helps them realize the value and relevance of REALTORS®.
  • Create a reward system for participation; REALTORS® are motivated by competition.
  • Invite them to participate, ask for their opinions, encourage their success, and show them that you care if they succeed.
  • Follow-up with new agents by having association staff provide periodic phone calls to see how they’re doing, answer questions, and see if they need help.
  • Engage new, younger members. Attract their attention with interesting and fun graphics and infographics. Make a point to speak to their interests and reach them on their level.