Association Executives

What are some tips and suggestions for encouraging large broker involvement in RPAC fundraising and legislative issues? How do you integrate this political advocacy focus into the broker’s culture?

  • Personally ask each broker to pledge and invest in RPAC.
  • Conduct peer-to-peer or office-to-office fundraising challenges. Healthy competition works!
  • Reach out to large brokers and ask them to sign up for the Broker Involvement Program.
  • Provide advocacy content/information that is specifically targeted toward brokers’ business concerns, so they see the correlation and impact that the political process can have on their business and their profitability. Talk about issues they relate to such as sales tax on commissions, sign ordinances, restrictive building and zoning issues, etc.
  • Ask brokers to serve on the association’s government affairs or RPAC committees. If they are uninterested or unable, ask them to identify someone else from their firm to serve.
  • Work with the state association to create RPAC marketing pieces that show brokers what they get from their RPAC investment.
  • Use NAR’s RPAC Fundraising Grants to assist in conducting RPAC fundraising events.
  • Create a “calculator” that shows brokers the financial impact an RPAC investment can have on their business.
  • Put up a wall of fame in a prominent office location with names and pictures of major investors. Put RPAC pavers on the association walkway, entry way, or patio with names of major investors.
  • Conduct fundraising events to raise RPAC dollars and use this opportunity to educate brokers about why it’s important to donate.
  • Use the State and Local Resources provided on the REALTOR® Party website.

Large Brokers

Does your brokerage get involved in the association’s RPAC fundraising and legislative issues? If so, how do you integrate a political advocacy focus into your brokerage business?

  • Yes, we encourage 100% participation in RPAC, and explain why contributing is so important. We always set an example.
  • We schedule periodic updates during our office meetings on political issues and explain the ramifications to our real estate business. Political advocacy is encouraged.
  • Yes, it’s easier for agents to understand the importance of being involved in the political process if the broker/manager is passionate about political advocacy and can serve as the champion to carry the torch.
  • I share information on issues with agents and tell them that their involvement in the advocacy arena is critical to their future business success.
  • No, I contribute to RPAC on a personal level, not through the association.
  • No, the broker/owner business is built on the number of agents in an office, and the quickest way to turn someone away from an office is to support a political action or candidate. An opposing view or opinion can be a turn-off to many.
  • Use the Broker Involvement Resources provided on the REALTOR® Party website.