Application Instructions

2019 Leadership Academy Application Instructions

Important Dates

Applications for the 2019 Leadership Academy will be accepted between December 12, 2017 and March 9, 2018.

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Details to Note

  1. Three professional references from the following categories is required:
    - State REALTOR® Officer
    - State Association Executive
    - Local Association Executive
    - Local REALTOR® Officer
  2. Receipt of references can be tracked in Section VI of your application.
  3. If you use a popup blocker, please turn it off while completing the form or enable popups for this site. If you have a special Toolbar, such as Yahoo! or Google, please check the settings to make sure that Pop-Ups are not blocked via the Toolbar.
  4. Your information will be reviewed upon submission of the application. You will receive an email on your application status no later than September 28, 2018.
  5. It is your responsibility to place information in the correct section of the form. Do not include the same information in more than one place on the form.
  6. Proof of attendance at education events or background information is not required BUT may be requested. We reserve the right to audit any or all documentation.
  7. Your application must be submitted electronically.
  8. You can save the application and come back to it later by clicking the "Save and Return Later" button.
  9. You can also download an off-line sample version of the 2019 Leadership Academy Application in MS Word format. (DOC: 91 KB)
    Use this form when offline to gather the information needed for completing the Leadership Academy Application. Cut and paste your answers into the online form. Do not send the MS Word document.
  10. You must press the "Submit to NAR" button at the end of the application page to submit your completed application to NAR.

As a reminder, please print a copy of your application for your records before submitting! (Use your browser's print function.)

REALTOR® University Leadership Institute Leadership Assessment

As of 2018, all NAR Leadership Academy Applicants should complete the REALTOR® University Leadership Assessment. Applicants are able to take the assessment multiple times and the highest results will be reviewed.

To access the Leadership Assessment, please go to the REALTOR® University Leadership Institute Homepage.

Important Note: Please check the box on page 5 of the application once you have completed the Assessment.

Attendance at all sessions is necessary to graduate. Participants who have an unexcused absence for more than a full day of one session will be dropped from the program and encouraged to reapply. Selection for subsequent year's program cannot be guaranteed. Academy social events are for business networking, so please respect that invitations to Academy functions are intended for participants only, unless otherwise noted or approved.

If you have any further questions, please contact Judy Perez at 312-329-8548 or e-mail

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