REALTOR® members who have leadership experience at the local and/or state level, but have not yet been actively involved at the national level, should apply to the Leadership Academy. The Academy is focused on developing participants' institutional, industry, and association knowledge.

REALTOR® members with demonstrated leadership abilities, and who are passionate about the industry and the issues, are encouraged to apply. Applicants often possess formal training from a local or state REALTOR® association, a JD, MBA, community, or military leadership program(s) in lieu of formal training. Be prepared to describe an incident or activity that had the most impact on your development as a leader. Responses to industry challenges and leadership aspirations are given careful consideration, as they reflect personal point of view and vision.

Consideration will also be given to applicants who demonstrate an ability to contribute to diversity based on age, gender, ethnicity, geography, specialty, etc.

You are likely overqualified if you have served on one or more of these positions:

  • Chair on two or more NAR committees or forums
  • NAR Executive Committee member
  • State REALTOR® Association President
  • President of one of NAR’s Institutes, Societies and Councils

You are overqualified if you have serve(d) as NAR:

  • Committee Liaison
  • NAR Regional Vice President (RVP)
  • NAR Leadership Team
  • Finance Committee Member*

*Except if appointed by virtue of another position

If appointed to an NAR leadership position, you may be asked to resign.

Is Leadership Academy Right for You?

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Our Ideal Leadership Academy Candidate

National Association of REALTORS'® Leadership Academy (NARLA) participants are something special, and while each of our applicants are evaluated based on the selection criteria below, we are also looking for that indelible extra element that tells us that you connect with our mission.

The Ideal Candidate Is:

More than a volunteer... The ideal candidate has not just participated in volunteer activities, they have found a hands-on passion for giving back and creating change in a specific way. They have fed that passion regularly over time, resulting in a genuine journey of service both within or outside of the REALTOR® organization.

More than interested in leadership... The ideal candidate doesn’t just think they are interested in leadership – they have sought out experiences in a variety of leadership settings and developed a complex understanding of the real estate industry and its current challenges. Because of this, they have some insight into how they might want to fit into that system and what they want to contribute to the world of real estate.

More than good on paper... The ideal candidate is well-rounded and inclusive. They are able to work with diverse groups of people and excel at finding and building connections with others. They are an effective spoken and written communicator who celebrates the diversity in others.

Selection Criteria:

The following factors will be considered during the admission process:

  • Commitment to service
  • Licensed for 5+ years
  • Local and/or State Association experience
  • Must be a REALTOR® in good standing with no ethics violations
  • Life and work experiences
  • Niche market or unique business expertise
  • Communication skills
  • Service in your community
  • Examples of exemplary leadership decisions or scenarios that had positive outcomes or outcomes that allowed you to grow
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Letters of recommendation