Smarthome devices, which allow the remote monitor and control of home features, are a booming industry with major players and mass adopters. Automation technologies have been around for decades (recall The Clapper), and consumers can still purchase separate technologies to control thermostats, sprinkler appliances, or door locks.

These days, smarthome hub systems are available to manage disparate functions through one centralized interface that can be accessed on a user’s smartphone or tablet. Homeowners and renters alike have taken notice. They want smart home devices for lots of different reasons, but security and energy management are among the most significant. Experts suggest the global home automation market will be worth $81,645 million by 2023.


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Get to Know the Lingo

There are several keywords used for this evolving industry:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Home automation 
  • Smarthomes or smart homes
  • Intelligent homes
  • Automated homes
  • Wired homes
  • Connected homes

The Basics

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How to Get Started

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Benefits: Energy Efficiency & Security

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Home Automation for Seniors or Disabled

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Security Issues With Home Automation Systems

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